5 Interview Questions To Ask When Hiring A Recruiter

Businesses turn to recruiting firms to assist them in hiring new employees. Before a business owner begins hiring a recruiter, they research the recruiting firm they work for. As the owner of a recruiting company, you need to maintain a positive reputation if you want business owners to choose you and your recruiters. In order to build a good reputation in the first place, you need to find the best recruiters to work for your firm. They need to use the best practices for hiring. Only then can you offer your current and future clients quality services. In this post, you will learn the top interview questions to ask when hiring a recruiter.

Negative Client Situation

One of the most telling interview questions to ask involves a negative client situation. A candidate’s employment history tells a lot about their work ethic, morals and goals. Every experienced recruiter has had at least one bad experience with a client. Whether it is their fault or not is irrelevant. The important information to obtain from asking this question is how they dealt with the situation. First, ask them to describe the situation. Then, ask how they resolved it. If their answer portrays a hard-working, respectable candidate who can seemingly offer beneficial services to your clients, consider hiring them.

Personal And Professional Goals

When hiring a recruiter for your firm, ask an interview question about their goals. Inquire about their personal and professional aspirations. Ask them how working as a recruiter fits into those goals. Avoid hiring candidates who cannot explain how working at a recruitment firm takes them a step further toward their dreams. Such candidates typically lack the motivation they need to perform their duties well. Therefore, these candidates would not impress your clients and could worsen your reputation. If you want to retain your clients and continue to build your client base simultaneously, hire recruiters whose goals align with the job.

Process For Hiring

Furthermore, ask potential hires about their recruitment process. Ask them to explain it through a past example. Have them walk you through how they found top candidates for their past clients. Then, ask them about their clients’ reactions. The best candidates include tactics for making unsatisfied clients happy in their processes. Only consider recruiters who hire using a structured process. Turn down candidates who cannot explain their process quickly and efficiently. When candidates cannot provide their steps without fault, they likely do not maintain an organized process. You need structured recruiters to grow your recruitment firm.

Most Difficult Jobs To Fill

Another great interview question to ask when hiring a recruiter involves their thoughts on the most difficult jobs to fill. If a candidate answers with a generic role such as “developer”, ask for another example. When candidates cannot think of one, they likely do not have a passion for recruiting. They read the most popular answers to the question and are trying to wow you with dishonest answers. Since you try to find candidates who are both honest and passionate about the jobs they applied for, you need to hire such employees for your own firm as well.

Tools Used For Recruitment

Lastly, ask every candidate about the tools they use for recruitment. Pick out the recruiters who use up-to-date tools. They will be able to find more potential hires for your clients. When recruiters use outdated tools to find the top candidates, they limit the possibilities for both your firm and your client’s businesses. As a result, your clients grow unhappy due to a lack of quality hires and your company’s reputation worsens. Hence, you need to find recruiters who use business-oriented social media platforms and popular websites for hiring. Ask about their job applicant tracking tools as well. Keep this in mind when hiring a recruiter for your business.

In order to hire the best recruiters for your firm, you need to ask the most informative questions. For instance, ask candidates to describe an instance in which they dealt with an unhappy client. Inquire about how their personal and professional goals relate to their recruiting profession. Tell them to walk you through their hiring process from start to finish. Ask them what they think the most difficult jobs to fill are, turning down candidates who provide the most obvious answers. In addition, find out what tools they use for recruitment and only consider candidates who use the latest ones. When hiring a recruiter, ask these interview questions.

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