5 Strategic Hiring Options For Employers Seeking Employees

Finding the right hire is critical to your organization’s continued success. In the digital age, there are countless online services in place to connect employers to those seeking employment. Job seekers and employers alike have access to thousands of potential matches each day. If you want to find the right candidate for your business, however, it’s important to be strategic. Not every qualified candidate will be the best fit for your business. There are many different channels through which HR professionals can find the right candidate for them. If you are an employer seeking employees, consider these five hiring strategies as you conduct your search.

Contact Mutual Connections

Use personal connections when searching for the right new hire for your organization. Reach out to friends, associates, and former colleagues in your network as you conduct your search. These people will know your organization and your needs well. They will be able to provide helpful insight into who may be the right fit. Employers search for candidates online too. Use LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook when interviewing a new candidate to see if there is a mutual connection you can contact. Ask employees that you already have and trust to reach out to their network as well. Personal connections can go a long way when it comes to finding the right fit for your job opening. Contact mutual connections as you conduct your next employee search.

Partner With An HCM provider

Consider partnering with a human capital management (HCM) software provider. HCM software is specifically designed to help manage and maintain organization in the workplace. They provide applicant tracking systems and seamless integration with job boards, social media, assessments and background screenings. This is the same HR software that you will use in day to day operations. This allows for a streamlining of the hiring and onboarding process in your organization. The solutions offered by HCM software allow you to find great talent without too much time spent in the searching process. This lets you focus on solutions to other important problems. Partnering with an HCM provider is a strategic solution for streamlining the hiring process.

Use Job Posting Sites

Employers seeking employees should also post their opportunities on a job posting site. This is the best way to let job seekers know that you are hiring. It is also an opportunity to tell them what you are looking for in an employee. There are hundreds of jobs posting online every day. In order to stand out be sure that your job post uses specific titles and write a catch job posting. Be thorough when it comes to your job description. This means including things such as location, experience level, salary estimate and any other pertinent job information. Including these details will ensure your posting will appear in refined searches. This connects you with job seekers in search of your specific qualifications. Utilize job posting sites when conducting your employee search.

Post On Your Website

Another way to attract job seekers to your open position is to post it on your company website. Add a ‘hiring’ or ‘careers’ page to your business website as you conduct your employee search. If talented people are checking your site out, they will be directly connected with the criteria you are looking for in a new hire. This will also make your company website itself turn up in the search results if someone is actively looking for jobs online. This promotes website traffic while connecting you with potential candidate for your job listing. A ‘Careers’ page is also a great place to elaborate on your business identity and get into more detail about what qualities you are looking for in your next hire. Employeers seeking employees should post a listing on the ‘careers’ page of their website when looking for candidates.

Utilize Social Media

Use social media to get the word out about your organization’s open position. Social recruiting can be an effective way for employers to find the right employee match for them. There are a few things employers can do to make this method more effective. Encourage the sharing of your job post across all social media platforms. The more that your post is shared, the larger the pool of potential candidates is. It is important to promote your company culture to the most receptive demographic of job seekers. This is one of the most inexpensive employee benefits that makes a huge difference. Social recruiting also involves proving an email address where job seekers who see your posts can reach out with any questions that they may have before they actually apply. Employers seeking employees should utilize the interactive channels provided by social media as they conduct their search.

Finding the right hire is essential for continued business success. There are various strategic ways for employers seeking employees to find the right candidate. Utilize your network and contact mutual connections while conducting your search. Partner with an HCM provider to streamline your HR software and help support your company in the hiring and onboarding process. Post succinct job descriptions on various job posting sites to connect with individuals in the field. Utilize social media to appeal to particular demographics and drum up an interest in your job posting. If you are an HR professional who is currently searching for employees, consider these hiring strategies as you conduct your search.

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