How To Write Catchy Job Postings To Attract Top Applicants

When companies accept applications, they want to target the best candidates with their job postings. As an HR professional, it is your job to weed out the under-qualified from the qualified. However, you must first attract qualified job seekers in order to separate them from unqualified applicants. You need impressive employer branding to succeed. Many HR professionals like yourself work hard to create catchy job postings, but actually turn the best candidates away with them. Below, you will discover how to write catchy job postings to attract top applicants.

Create A Unique Job Title

Firstly, consider how titles of job ads influence applicants. To create catchy job postings, you need a catchy job title that is both truthful and intriguing. For example, if you are creating a posting for a copywriting job, do not simply title it “Copywriter”. Use appropriate adjectives like “creative”, “marketing”, and “strategist”. Job seekers view hundreds of job postings, so yours needs to stick out right from the start. A top applicant will be intrigued by a job ad that differs from the rest. Create unique job titles to write catchy job postings that the most qualified individuals will apply to.

Avoid Exaggeration

Another component of creating catchy job postings to consider is exaggeration. Many HR professionals like yourself assume that over-exaggerating the benefits of job roles will attract better candidates. On the contrary, the best applicants can usually separate the over-exaggerated postings from the truthful ones. Even if a candidate does believe in your exaggerations, they will be disappointed when they discover the truth. As a result, they will not accept any job offers from the business. To succeed with your job ads, be truthful to applicants.

Use Short Bullet Points

In order to succeed in creating catchy job postings, consider using short bullet points. Since job seekers look at multiple job postings at once, they do not want to spend a long time reading ads. Hence, concise bullet points are more effective than paragraphs. In addition to expediting the application process, short bullet points also allow you to keep some information to yourself. Such information can be used to continue intriguing applicants later on in the interview process. You can create a more exciting new hire onboarding process. The best candidates for a company will want to know more about the job and the business itself. Keep them guessing to a certain extent and save them precious time by using short bullet points.

Include Employee Reviews

Additionally, job seekers find comfort in reading employee reviews in job postings. If a business has received positive current and past employee comments, include them to create a more effective job posting. Employee reviews provide potential applicants with insight into the job from less biased individuals. They view the job poster as someone who will do anything to attract applicants. The most interested employees will look to reviews for the truth. Provide them with the it to create catchy job postings written by honest companies. In doing so, you will attract the best applicants.

Choose Words Wisely

Pay close attention to your diction when writing job ads. Typically, qualified applicants have had experience either in the field you are hiring for or, in the least, applying for similar roles. Thus, you want to stand out from other job descriptions by avoiding buzzwords throughout the entire ad. HR professionals fall short of intriguing the best applicants by using words that fail to actually describe the role offered. Qualified applicants recognize these words and are automatically turned away by them. Refrain from using commonly used words and irrelevant terms within descriptions. Instead, determine unique personality traits and qualifications for each job to write the best job postings.

To provide hiring companies with the best applicants, write effective job ads. Guarantee that your listing will stand out among the other listings on job posting boards. Begin by creating a unique and truthful job title. Refrain from over-exaggerating throughout the ad to limit disappointing applicants during the interview process. Be short and concise throughout job descriptions to keep the best candidates wanting to know more and save them time. Add positive employee reviews to the ads in order to provide truthful information. Also, avoid buzzwords throughout the entire add to stand out from other advertisements. Use these points to write catchy job postings and attract top applicants.

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