What To Look For When Hiring Transcribing Companies For Your Business

There is a growing need for transcribing services among business owners. Companies that transcribe your business meetings, webinars, lectures, etc. help you convert your audios or speeches into the written or electronic format. If you are a business owner, the dilemma of what to seek when hiring a transcribing company is real. It is especially so right now when there are scores of transcribing companies entering into the business pool. Solve that dilemma by reading ahead to know exactly what to look for when hiring transcription services for business purposes.

Industry-Specific Transcriptionists

When hiring a transcribing company, look for those that specialize in your domain of expertise. Marketing agencies will not benefit from working with a transcriptionist who wonders what is social networking. They need a professional with experience in their industry. This is significant because there are numerous companies offering transcribing services and many who claim to be an expert in all fields. However, it is in your best interest to find the one that can understand the jargon of your company the best. Hence, finding field-specific companies helps. These transcriptionists would understand your needs, writing-style, company language, etc. most closely. Search for a transcribing company that employs industry-specific workers.

High Level Of Accuracy

With several transcription companies in the pool, finding the one that guarantees the highest accuracy is a difficult job. There are several things to keep in mind when looking at the accuracy factor of a transcribing company. You may choose to get transcribed online with no or fewer costs, but remember that nothing beats manual transcribing. This is because a human transcriptionist specialized in your company’s language would know when and where to make dialect or accent changes. They would be better equipped to fix minute details. It is best to ask the transcribing company about the accuracy level they promise before hiring them.

Confidentiality Policies

The data that you want converted into a written or electronic format may be highly confidential. In order to avoid the risk of a data security breach, have a non-disclosure agreement signed by the transcribing company you aim to hire. Even before the signatures are done, get to know in detail their procedures for ensuring the maintenance of your privacy. There are some companies that delete your sensitive information within a period of time once the transcription is done. Ask them about the length of this duration. There are some companies that do not offer any safeguards and may have transcriptionists overseas working on your data. Steer clear of them if you feel the risk of a data breach. Then, you can avoid hiring a securities attorney later down the road. More so, you will hire the right transcribing company for your business.

Cost-Effective Services

One of the best reasons for hiring a transcribing company is that it is a cost-effective way of getting a written format of your speeches. You would also save time when your employees would work on other essential responsibilities rather than devoting time to transcribing. You will certainly find companies offering transcribing services at a meager cost. While this can be attractive, be wary of shady deals that do not give full service information before hand. Some of these low cost deals surprise you later with hidden costs like charging more if your audio quality is not up to the par. Sincere transcribing companies would offer the best rate and transparent services.

Fast Turnaround Times

Your business runs on accuracy and timely delivery of merchandise or service. This is true for companies in all industries. Healthcare organizations rely on medical transriptionists to get back to their patients quickly.  Time is an important factor when hiring a transcribing company for businesses in other industries as well. Before making a deal, you can discuss the turnaround time of the project. Basically, it is the total duration that the company takes to deliver a complete transcript to you. There are some transcribing companies that do not state an exact turnaround time. This could potentially cause delays. In case of urgent requirements of transcripts, notify the company before a deal is made. Go with the one that gives you the fastest turnaround time.

Accuracy, cost, and time are important factors when deciding which transcribing company to hire. Other factors to keep in mind are their specializations, confidentiality statement, and languages they offer to transcribe. Determining the right transcribing company for you would also translate to saving cost and time. Choose the services of the company that upholds the integrity of your company and does justice to the written word.

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