Hiring Manager Recruitment Tactics To Add Great Employees To The Team


A hiring manager is generally the person responsible for filling positions in a business or organization. They will often sort through resumes, contact candidates and conduct interviews before making a final offer. As a hiring manager, you can know how to negotiate salaries and ask all of the right questions during an interview. But none of that matters if people are not applying to the job. Recruitment is an essential part of the hiring process. In order to fill any position, you need to reach out to the right candidates. If you are not as well-versed in the art of recruitment, you have come to the right place. Below we have listed the top five recruitment tips for hiring managers so that you can begin to find great potential employees.

Social Media

Social media plays a key role in today’s job market. Your company should already have an established social media presence, and now it is time to use that to your advantage. Social media provides you with a pool of potential candidates who are already expressing interest in your business. This means less team building will be necessary later. Your followers are more than just numbers, they are people with skills who may be interested in joining your team. Post about your job openings on social media to boost the recruitment process.

Phone Interviews

Conducting phone interviews prior to a face-to-face meeting is a great way to find top talent. Phone interviews are an efficient way to narrow down your talent pool to only the best candidates. This means less office hours wasted. You can be more productive and hire someone quicker without sacrificing quality. If you want to find great potential employees, be sure to conduct phone interviews with anyone you have in mind before wasting time on an in-person interview.

Job Description

Another essential part of recruiting candidates is to create a detailed job description. As a hiring manager, you may have already seen how a job description can impact the candidates who apply for a position. The more detailed and thorough you are, with your job listing for travel agents, the more likely you will be to see applications from skilled, experienced professionals.


One great way to recruit as a hiring manager is to reach out to professional organizations. If you are looking to fill a position in the IT department, consider reaching out to networks such as the Association of Information Technology Professionals, or AITP. Whether you take out adds in a trade publication or post on a specialized job board, this is an easy way to ensure that your applicants are the top talents in their field.


If you are looking to fill entry-level positions with enthusiastic workers, consider reaching out to local universities. Their career offices are always looking to provide new job opportunities to graduating students and alumni. They can be a great help in getting the word out. It can be especially beneficial when looking for someone to manage social media for business. Find out what programs nearby colleges offer and, if any of them fit your organization’s needs, let the department and career office know about it.

Update Website

Keeping an updated website is crucial to the recruitment process. As a hiring manager, you may not deal directly with website maintenance. However, the solution can be as simple as asking IT to make some changes before you dive into the hiring and recruitment process. Simply by having a clear mission statement and job posting on your website, you can improve the number of applications you receive.

As a hiring manager, you have a lot of responsibilities to uphold. The hiring process can be difficult, but it becomes much easier when you are dealing with a pool of exceptional candidates. The best way to find potential employees is by following these steps above. Once you overcome the recruitment hurdle, you can continue with what you do best: hiring great new members to your team.

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