How To Get A Trademark Number In 5 Easy Steps

Before a business ever begins operations, it needs to get its intellectual property trademarked. Otherwise, an entrepreneur like yourself could be left vulnerable to intellectual property theft that robs the business of its money-marking potential. This is a worst-case scenario that too many entrepreneurs have experienced the devastation of themselves. In order to protect your business’s intellectual property, you need to know how to get a trademark number. Find out how to register a trademark for business use in the step by step guide below.

Make Sure It Is Your Own

First, you need to do your research to be sure that your potential trademark-eligible idea is actually your own. Conduct a quick search via the United States Patent and Trademark Office trademark lookup tool for existing patents and trademarks that are similar to your own ideas. If someone else has trademarked your business name or logo in the the past, you will not be able to trademark it again. You may also be blocked from trademarking a business name if it is too similar to one already trademarked. Conduct a search on the USPTO website before attempting to trademark intellectual property for business.

Select Mark Format

Before you start figuring out how to get a trademark number, you need to figure out what type of mark format your intellectual property will need to be categorized as. Identify whether it is a stylized design mark, a sound mark or a standard character mark. If you are a trademarking a logo, you will need to consider the logo design components to identify the correct type of trademark. Once you select the correct trademark format, you can move on to complete the next step toward learning how to register a trademark for your business’s intellectual property.

Decide Intent To Use

Decide whether you need a trademark for use-based or a trademark for intent to use. These are the two types of trademark applications to choose from for your corporate seal. An intent to use trademark application is used for a business property that you have not yet used, but that you plan to use in the future. A used based trademark application is for those intellectual properties that your business is currently using. Consider what types of business intellectual properties and whether or not they have been used. Then, you can move on to the next steps of filing a trademark application.

Prepare Necessary Information

Gather the necessary information before applying for a trademark number. This way, you can complete the trademark application process in one fell swoop. The trademark application will require your basic information, such as your name, business name, address and phone number. You will also need to prepare a drawing of your design that you hope to have trademarked. Lastly, you should also be prepared to pay the $375 filing fee. These trademark application filing fees could increase depending on the type of intellectual property. Once you have all these elements prepared neatly and ready to go, you can move on to the next step to get a trademark number to protect your intellectual property.

File Online

Finally, you can file a trademark application online. All you have to do is log on to the USPTO website and locate the appropriate trademark paperwork. Once you do, you will be prompted to enter in all the necessary information detailed above. Then, you will have to attach a rendering of your trademark design. Once you hit the “Submit” button and pay the USPTO filing fees, your application is complete. Now, sit back and wait to find out if your trademark application got approved. As long as you followed the steps to get a trademark for business listed here, you are almost guaranteed to get approved for a trademark.

Have you wondered how to get a trademark number to protect your intellectual property? Use the post above to protect yourself and your business. The steps above give you the best path to learn how to apply for a trademark and improve your odds at getting approved. First, research to make sure your idea has not been trademarked already. Then, select the mark format and application process that best fits your design demands and intentions for commercial use. Gather all the necessary information. Then, file for a trademark online using the online trademark application found on the USPTO website. Your business trademark will afford you the personal liability protection you need to lower business insurance costs, and provide your business the legal protection it needs to succeed for many years.

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