How To Negotiate A Better Job Salary When Getting Hired

Learning how to negotiate is an essential skill for any job seeker. Once you successfully get through an interview and receive a job offer, salary will inevitably be brought up. If you are currently on a job search, it is time to learn how to negotiate. Follow these five steps below so that you can be prepared to negotiate a better salary.

Do Your Research Beforehand

The first step to any successful negotiation is research. Before you go in to discuss your job offer, it is important that you research the financial aspects of the position. First, you should consider the industry average for your position. If necessary, do a conversion for 1 AUD to USD to make sure your averages match up. This will give you a good guide on what to ask. Next, you should look into the specific company’s finances. If they are more successful, you can feel comfortable asking for higher pay.

Think Beyond Base Salary

Another thing to consider before you negotiate your job offer is what you can receive in addition to base salary. For many positions, the bonuses and benefits can add to the value of your position. Many companies will offer greater benefits in exchange for a lower salary. Take the time to think about what you are willing to accept. When you have a clear idea of your overall expectations, you will be more prepared during the negotiation.

Gradually Build Your Questions

One thing to keep in mind during your negotiation is the order of the points you would like to address. Gradually building to your top priority will put both you and the hiring manager at ease. Make your first two questions about simple benefits. Ask for clarification on things that do not require in depth negotiation. Then, once you feel confident enough, you can address an increased salary. Once you put that on the table, the real discussion can begin.

Restate Your Qualifications

When you are asking for more money, it is important to restate your qualifications. You have already received a job offer, so it is clear that the organization finds value in you as an employee. All you have to do is help them rationalize that value. Since you know what to do with an accounting degree, explain how your qualifications will best serve the company.  Be sure to mention your previous experience and education within the field. This will remind them that you are worth the investment.

Ask Them For A Deadline

Finally, the last tip for how to negotiate is to ask for a deadline. Usually, it is best to avoid accepting a job offer on the spot. Once you have discussed your salary and reached a mutually acceptable number, you should request time to think it over. This ensures that the hiring manager sees that you are thoughtful and resolute in making the best decision. That way, you will have some time to yourself to think over the offer.

Job seekers must learn how to negotiate in order to navigate the job market and career fairs. There are several ways that you can improve your chances of receiving a higher salary. By doing prior research and appearing confident in the value you can bring to the organization, you can negotiate a better salary.

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