What To Do With An Accounting Degree For High Income And Free Time


If you consider yourself an entrepreneur, you definitely do not want to use your accounting degree to work for another person’s dream. You probably would like to put your accounting degree to use on your own terms. This is an admirable trait. Luckily, your accounting degree puts you at an advantage to pursue entrepreneurial opportunities opposed to a finance degree. This post will cover some ideas that will give you an answer for what to do with an accounting degree and allow you to be the entrepreneur you are.

Accounting Firm

Of course this would be the first option. While it may not be creative, it is a great choice for you if you want the freedom provided by working for yourself. In order to open your own accounting firm, you definitely want to become a CPA. In order to do so, you will need to pass the CPA exam. This can be a grueling task. However, once you pass that test, you will give yourself the chance to own and operate a successful accounting firm that can operate in any area from venture capital investment to private finance. If you have a passion for finance and an entrepreneurial spirit, this is a great option for you.

Other Small Business

Maybe you got an accounting degree with the hopes that you could put it to use opening up your own small business. That was excellent thinking. Your accounting degree puts you at an advantage versus other small businesses. Financial know-how is not something that everyone possesses. In addition to having the ability to make sound financial decisions, you also have knowledge of tax law on your side. This can be a complicated concept for the average small business owner, but not you. The accounting degree you have can give you a leg up on the competition should you decide to open your own small business. This is a great option for you to consider.

Corporate Controller

If you have an accounting degree, one job you may be interested in working toward is the role of corporate controller. A corporate controller is responsible for tracking and maintaining various financial aspects of an organization. These controllers typically prepare the business’s taxes, control budget spending, set organization financial goals and manage finance department employees. If you want to have the benefits of a steady job while still enjoying the management and freedom afforded by entrepreneurship, consider becoming a corporate controller with your accounting degree.


Another option for what to do with an accounting degree is consultation. As it was said before, not many people have the financial know how that you possess. You can capitalize on this by helping them make better business decisions. There are many small businesses that could use someone like you to set them up with a financial plan. If you are capable of doing so, this is a great opportunity. You can consult with new or struggling businesses to give them the tools to improve their financial standing. If you have connections to business owners, you should definitely consider this. There is less risk associated because you do not have to put much money out to start. This is a great route for you to take if you have little to no money.

If you are trying to think of what to do with an accounting degree, this post gave you some important options to consider. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit that prevents you from working nine to five for someone else, consider these ideas. Opening your own accounting firm or other small business is a great opportunity. You may even have a better chance at success than your competition without an accounting degree, so looking for small business loans may be a good idea. Another option to consider is consulting for other small businesses. You have the ability to call your own shots without the risk associated with opening your own business. There is also the added benefit of less start-up costs. With an accounting degree, you will never have a lack of choices for what to do. It is up to you to decide what is best.

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