Top HR Software You Should Use In Your Company

Being an HR is not an easy job. You are the one who allows people to enter the company you’re working in, and you have a big responsibility on you to make these people happy.

Recruitment became even harder in recent years because of the countless new professions that appeared on the market with the rapid development of the IT industry. In addition, the introduction of remote working for many office workers due to the pandemic restrictions of 2020-2021 is another factor that makes HR’s job much more difficult these days.

But there’s the light at the end of this tunnel called HR software. These programs and tools really help recruitment specialists to do their work right and effectively. Today we will look at some of the best ones that you can use as an HR specialist to maximize your productivity. Let’s take a look at them, shall we?

Tools For Video Interviews

In the first part, we will look at the software that you need to find the right candidate for the available position. You have already found a couple of potential candidates on LinkedIn or through job websites, so it is time for an open-ended interview.

Conference Tools

So, of course, the first thing that an HR specialist needs to do is schedule an interview with a potential worker. These tools are vital if you want to conduct video conferences. In 2021 there is no need to meet in person for the first interview, and in some cases, for the whole recruitment process at all. It is more preferable to stay safe and keep practicing social distance.

You can ask the same interview questions during a meeting in Zoom, Skype, Viber, or any other video interview service and save your and the candidate’s time. There are also more all-in-one platforms like HireVue that offer the full spectrum of solutions for hiring, starting from engaging talents and choosing the one perfect candidate.

Screen Recorders

If you practice video interviews, you must have reliable screen recording software to capture all conversations you have had with potential workers. First of all, you need these records to analyze all the interviews later and establish the right profile for every candidate.

Secondly, these records will help you get pre-approval from team leads and managers who asked to find a new person in a team. They can analyze their behavior and skills not only according to your feedback but by watching the interview by themselves.

The already mentioned platform HireVue has its own screen recorder, but you can use any recorder you enjoy to do the job.

We should tell you that recording an interview without the candidate’s permission is illegal; that’s why always ask a person you’re talking to if it is okay.

Tools For Data Analysis

You can have dozens of similar candidates that fit the position, and finding the one can be hard. In this case, we recommend you use professional tools for big data analysis, like OfficeReports or Databoard.

Of course, if you work in a smaller company, you can use simpler software like Google Workspace to work with data, but if you are an HR in enterprise business, you need more complex professional tools for data analysis.

HR Information And Management Software

In this part, we will discuss software that allows human resource specialists to make their work better after hiring a candidate for a position. These HR applications may also have recruitment features, but it is not necessary, though they deserve a quick mention.

Recruitment features of these programs give HR the opportunity to find and attract the best talents faster and more effectively than with a simple search online. Usually, they have a central database with information about potential employees, and it really eases HRs’ jobs.

Next, these programs have tracking systems that allow HR and employees to track information about themselves in a company. You start with adding a candidate before the first interview into a system, and later you can trace their whole path in the company from the day of employment and up to the day of dismissal.

These HR systems also give the specialists tools for adapting and online employee training of the personnel. These features allow a newcomer to meet and understand how their new company works and later get the benefits from online training.

Also, in HR systems there are HR analytics specialists with special features that allow them to analyze the efficacy of employers’ work, automatize payroll processes and perform talent and benefits management.

Lastly, these tools have free tracking systems to look after workers’ performance and many features for employee self-services which is a must-have when most of your workers have remote jobs. Employees can edit their personal information, send requests for sick leave or vacation days, manage their work schedule, and look through their benefits information using self-service features.

Using professional HR software should be an integral part of the expert recruiting strategies of all companies. These tools allow HR specialists to free more time to do their main job: find the best talents for their company.

Thanks to all these HR professional tools, specialists can set long-term goals for every employee, streamline the recruitment process, have 24hour access to workers’ information which later can be useful in dealing with confrontations between employees.

The HR software reduces unnecessary paperwork, helps a specialist manage payroll and benefits in minutes, and overall transforms HR’s job into a more people’s person, not a document person. These tools are simply awesome, and they just work, so we definitely recommend you to try them in your company.

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