6 Ideas That Reduce Gender Discrimination Within Your Company

With women soon making close to 50 percent of the global population, they are also nearing half of the labor force in the United States. But while the female population has made great strides to tackle a variety of employment opportunities, women are still being paid significantly less than men. You can help your business knock down gender barriers and reduce gender discrimination with the following 6 ideas.

Build Diversity From Within

Running a business takes a lot of hard work and dedication. You also have to stay current with regulations concerning bullying, harassment and safety. With more and more women entering the workforce and taking command of positions that were once thought of solely as a male role, you also need to be mindful of reducing gender discrimination. An excellent idea for encouraging women to apply for a position is by eliminating the number of years of work experience needed for a position. Once eliminated, you encourage women who have experience but may have taken time off to raise a family or tend to aging parents.

Consider Woman For Any Position

Industrial supply firms manufacture pipes and other fitted materials. While this may sound like a male dominant type of business, you should consider woman for any type of position within the industry. With the right amount of training, time and support, women can prove just as successful as men when given a chance. This includes everything from sales and marketing to accounting

Don’t Be Afraid To Promote Women

In a day and age when everything you say has to be politically correct, businesses may be afraid to promote one sex over the other. But if you’re looking to support women and combat gender diversity, try promoting a 50-50 split of both males and females in the workplace. A company can also clearly voice their support by promoting a fair workplace where there’s equality in promotions, salaries, vacation time and more.

Include Men In The Process

Gender discrimination occurs because some feel that men are the stronger sex over women. But when you bring your male employees into the fight, the education can allow them to witness barriers women face every day. Through different learning tools, you can also teach men to break down the obstacles. When they have the tools and knowledge, the male population can be powerful advocates for the gender discrimination cause.

Provide A Flexible Environment

No matter if you’re male or female, employees can face a variety of life struggles. Whether it’s taking care of your children, aging parents, an illness or other concern, businesses should offer a range of work to life balance options. This includes the opportunity to work from home, secure a part-time position or work hours that coincide with your children’s school schedule. Employers will be surprised at the level of productivity improvement that an employee is willing to give back when given a more flexible schedule that meshes with the home life.

The Power of Networking

Women are faced with a number of challenges as an employee such as a lack of confidence and uncertainty. You can promote self-confidence, security and give women a platform to develop their careers through networking, coaching and mentoring programs. Here they’ll learn valuable tools on how to face discriminatory behavior. The programs can also teach them how to be better at their jobs. Through the educational formats, woman may also be able to find their voice to ask for what they deserve such as a raise, promotions and more vacation days.

Equality in the workplace shouldn’t be so difficult to ascertain. But for women, it can prove disheartening to achieve. You can contribute to reducing gender discrimination, by getting everyone involved. The above 6 ideas are a great place to start in creating a more harmonious environment regardless of gender.

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