How To Select The Top Salon Software Systems To Optimize Management

Has your professional journey, entrepreneurial venture or career path led you into the exciting and unpredictable realm of small business? If so, chances are that the very notion of integrating software into your ‘minute’ working culture is not only irrelevant, but expensive, requiring an undocumented surplus of technical training.

However, once you’ve found the right ‘piece’ that fits into your businesses’ ‘puzzle’, making sure it’s precisely attuned to correct, detect, solve, prioritize and analyze the main priorities and/or tribulations most significant to you, the decision to implement software into your small business may be the most effective and constructive modification one could have possibly made. Perhaps even more effective than paid advertising!

But to put things into perspective, there is arguably not a singular industry in the world today where intuitive software can’t provide some level of value or instigate a stronger business-to-consumer relationship among its respected demographics. From the internationally distributed products from corporate Fortune 500 companies to the local Mom-and-Pop store right around the corner, the integration of software into the work environment has not only enlightened the consumer; but broadened his or her concept of marketing innovation. Finally, it proved that the aptitude to evolve and utilize creativity always surpasses man power, thought leadership, popularity and financial status.

If you’re hung up on the falsely examined belief that integrative software serves little to no purpose in the smaller business sector—it’s time to reevaluate your thinking and begin prioritizing your objectives. For example, a groundbreaking Salon Software provider gives busy-beauty experts with time-saving solutions that enable employees to concentrate more with customers and less with time dealing with appointments, cancellations, e-mail reminders and availability-searches.

Top Salon Software

In addition to the salon software mentioned above, you may be wondering what other software are some of the best for salon management. Here, we will give you the top three salon software available. Some of these technology solutions even include mobile payment processing features. You may want to try them out yourself to see which fits your needs best.

  • Vagaro
  • Booker
  • Phorest Salon Software

These salon management programs will help you manage everything in one place. From appointment setting to paying your employees, the solutions listed above can help you do it all. Your professional social relationships at work will not interfere with your organization with the best system.


Vagaro is, hands down, one of the best salon software choices available to salon owners. This software is cloud-based, meaning you can manage it from anywhere. Software users can book appointments as well as manage various facility roles with Vagaro. You can use the software to manage bookkeeping, payroll, client databases, inventory and more. Since easy inventory tracking benefits salon businesses by keeping clients happy, this tool is essential. If you want a comprehensive salon software and do not mind paying for it, Vagaro is the way to go.

Top Software Priorities For Business

In the heat of the moment, managing a small business can be an over-exuding duty that requires a thick skin coupled with patient problem solving skills. However, if struggling to conceptualize why issues routinely surface is an obscure reality—than how can you expect that software to assist you in the tribulations you don’t even know what to solve, like cash flow problems you have been ignoring far too long?

In order for software to truly flourish in small business, there most be at least one tangible drawback in which you can clearly assess negative impacts regarding your businesses’ work-proficiency.

Before deciding on the type of software to invest in, it is imperative that you at least ask yourself these three questions.

  • What are the specific economic advantages you hope to achieve with your investment?
  • What changes or affects do you wish to demonstrate if the installation is implemented successfully?
  • What is your plan to assess ROI (Return on Investment)?

Focus On Individual Staff Priorities

Once you’ve established the goals and aspirations you wish the software hopes to solve, you’ll now need to specify how each goal will be achieved, and assess the personal requirements regarding how the software should be distributed among coworkers. This will be much more effective than conducting another marketing survey.

Narrow down your decision based on answering the following questions:

  • How many working staff members will be needed to utilize the software on a proficient basis?
  • Can the software be remotely accessed or is it installed solely for office-use only?
  • What (if any) other appliances will need to be purchased or installed to maximize the software’s efficiency.
  • What business and social factors characterize a reasonably logical investment to be made?


The best salon software systems offer mobile-friendly features for optimal convenience. Look for a software system that allows you to track your appointments on your SmartPhone. Your employees will never forget about an appointment with this type of software. They can log into an app and view their schedule when they are not at the salon. Mobile scheduling apps increase efficiency in this way. Some systems even offer automatic alerts that can be sent to mobile devices. Mobile-friendly salon software systems keep salons organized and highly productive.

Keeping Things Simple Is Not Simple

The truth is, larger industries have breathing room and stronger manpower when it comes to educating their employees regarding how to function and operate a specific the software in an efficient manner. Conversely, smaller businesses are not quite as fortunate as these larger companies because upper-management are unable to be solely invested in other potential opportunities not associated with the newly installed software.

In other words, the stronger the user-friendly features are and less time constraining the maintenance is will give employees faster access to familiarize themselves with the function of the software as well as prioritize their objectives based on tangible resources of imagery description and video tutorial. This means that this one simple software solution can improve the whole of your business process.

Lastly, don’t just settle on a software product because you “like it,”—settle on software that’s geared towards the industry in which the product resides, while paying close attention to competitors’ success, receiving consultation from unbiased resources and/or impending consumers.

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