5 Best Ways To Improve Business Fulfillment For Startup Company Orders

There are different ways to improve business fulfillment for startup company orders. Being surrounded by Amazon Prime, consumers are more demanding on how fast their orders arrive. Also, how an order looks upon being shipped is important. Shipping is a vital component of having a small startup. As a small startup owner yourself, you should know the best ways to improve the look of your shipments. Read on for the five best ways to improve business fulfillment for startup company orders.

Keep Track Of Inventory

To start, find a way to keep track of small business inventory properly. Your startup business might be small, but the inventory you have may not be small. When products are not managed correctly, your startup will suffer losses. Instead of you trying to count all of the inventory you have, hire a fulfillment company. That company will be able to help you manage all of your inventory and where to warehouse it. There is no need to dedicate some resources to warehouse, pack and ship, the fulfillment company can do it more effectively and quickly. By following this step, you are improving the overall quality of your inventory.

Fulfill Orders On Your Own

Next, figure out a way to smoothly fulfill orders on your own. In-house fulfillment can be used as a low-cost option for small startups. There are some pros and cons to fulfilling your own orders. As a pro, you have complete control over minimal errors and damage to orders, control over the speed of shipping, and a boost in customer satisfaction. If you are beginning with a small number of orders coming in, in-house fulfillment might be better. As a con, fulfilling orders becomes time-consuming, no experience and access to resources third-party companies have, as well as more resources needed for extra staff on payroll. If your orders come in abundance, seek out other types of fulfillment. By following this step, you are improving the quality of your orders.

Offer Fast And Free Shipping

Think about offering your target consumers fast and free business shipping. Customers love it when their order arrives a couple of days later. Free shipping is an effective marketing tool. This should be an option for customers. In order to factor in shipping costs, allow free shipping over a certain dollar amount. This will entice customers to purchase more of your product. Also, choose a specific amount of time to offer free shipping. For example, offer it during the holiday season. Combining fast and free shipping will not be expensive but serves as an edge over the competition. Offering an “order pickup” and returns and refunds will impact your business. Manage your order fulfillment through a third-party site to stay organized. By following this step, customers are being set up to return to your startup.

Communicate With Customers

Next, communicate with customers effectively. Customer support is a major element to business fulfillment. You can create an area on your site for customer support. Include an FAQ, product guide, and return support for customers. Also, there are less time-consuming strategies for communication. For example, create a clear return process of how to repackage and mail out the item. Send text alerts to your customers to know their order has been shipped. And notify the customer over email when the package arrives. By following this step, there will be effective communication between the customer and your shop.

Have Flexible Delivery Options

Furthermore, be flexible with your secure business delivery options. Process priority mail first before fulfilling others. If a customer requests orders to multiple locations, offer split shipping. Offer customers to pick up their order or offer different delivery options such as, ship from store. In general, you can offer other types of convenient shipping options. Also, you can offer hassle-free returns to reduce fulfillment costs. As a shop owner, you will be able to judge how much space you will need for proper order fulfillment. By following this step, your shop will stand out from the competition and get more customer traction.

Incorporate these different ways to improve business fulfillment for startup company orders. Using these methods, small startups will have order growth within the Amazon Prime era. As a shop owner, you should hire a fulfillment agency to keep track of your inventory. Next, you can fulfill orders in-house, but have each shipment organized. Then, have your shop offer free shipping and get orders fulfilled fast. Next, have effective communication with customers. Furthermore, offer different delivery options to customers such as picking up their orders. Follow each step above to improve business fulfillment for your startup company.

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