Improve Education System With A Charitable Business-School Partnership


Business-education partnerships are a mutually beneficial relationship between a business and a school or community organization as they work toward established goals. These types of partnerships are a great way for businesses to give back through the education system. Some business-education partnerships can be small scale projects involved in a few classrooms or they can involve entire school boards, helping to benefit hundreds of students. Depending on what you have to offer, there are many ways in which your business can get involved in this type of partnership. Below is a list of what kind of assistance and activities your business could provide to help improve the education system.


One of the simplest ways that businesses can do their part in regards to the education system is through funding. Scholarships, grants, equipment and fundraising are just some of the ways in which your business can contribute. Establishing a scholarship program can assist bright young minds as they pursue higher education. Additionally, businesses can also make a big contribution by assisting schools with equipment or fundraising efforts. Donating new computers to the school or helping to build a new science wing can make school better for hundreds of students. If you want to get your business involved, providing some type of funding for a local school is an easy and effective way to do it.


Hosting a variety of educational programs is another way that your business can foster a business-education partnership. Programs such as workshops, conferences and science fairs are an excellent way to engage students. Consider the position of your company. Do you deal in science, technology or literature? Whatever you do, take that subject and find a way to bring it to the classroom. By donating your time to host these programs, students can hear from experts about a variety of topics that they may be interested in. This can help them become more engaged in potential careers with your business.


Providing guidance to individual students or classrooms can foster a successful business-education partnership. Your company can help to provide resources that may currently be lacking in the school. Mentorship programs, recruitment training and resume building are all excellent examples of how businesses can take part in the education system. Additionally, your business could also assist with teacher development and staff placement. Extending a hand to staff and students is a great way to get involved and encourage them to improve.

Career Development

One major way in which your business can partake in a business-education partnership is by providing career development assistance. In addition to joining a school’s career fair, you can also offer hands-on jobs and training for interested students. Internships, skills training and other types of work experience programs are an excellent way for your business to take part in the education system. Providing real life experience in the work place will be invaluable to these students.

In order to do your part in improving the education system, you should consider a business-education partnership with local schools. You can help to provide students with the resources and assistance they need to succeed.

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