5 Tactics To Improve Social Media For Ecommerce

For ecommerce businesses, social media marketing is essential. It is the most important way initial contact with potential customers. It is also the most effective way to make these potential customers into actual customers. As the marketing head of an ecommerce company, social media tactics should be at the center of your efforts. The chances of you thinking “how can I sell my idea on social media?” are very high. While many social media tactics are common knowledge, other effective tactics are not known. Here are lesser-known tactics you can use to improve your social media for ecommerce marketing.

Write Shareable Content

When preparing content for ecommerce social media, focus on sharing, not selling. If your content is pushing at sales, the potential customers will be turned away. Instead your content should encourage your potential customers to share with others. This spreads your social media footprint and improves your chances of finding new customers. If you can educate, inform, and entertain your potential customers in this manner then you will find them more susceptible to advertising.

Use Micro-content

In order to get the most out of short attention spans, use micro-content. Social media for ecommerce has shortened viewer’s attention spans. In order to fight this, make your content shorter and punchier without losing the brand identity. If you know the customer will not watch a thirty second ad, make do with ten. This sort of micro-content can be far more concentrated then normal content. The .gif format is particularly useful for this. It creates a simple animation lasting a few seconds. Prepared correctly, this micro-content can do more then any long form content you can create.

Customer Interaction

Social media is a two-way communication tool, use to speak directly to customers. For example, move your customer service system to a social media chat. This public chat will not only help get customers concerns solve but show potential customers how well you sort out problems. Even in non-professional ways, communicate with your followers. Encourage conversations about your products or services. Marketing research can ensure customer interaction success. The attention will make the customers feel like they are parted of a greater community. This will encourage brand loyalty.

Private Messaging

A state-of-the-art solution for social media is using bots to send private messages to your customers. The bots use your research into your customers to target potential customers on social media, and then send them advertising messages. Modern bots are sophisticated enough to follow conversations with these customers and answer questions they have about the product. For many customers, this bot system is easier to use then talking to real person on a phone line. Private messaging can give the customers a sense of personalized service.

Creative Social Media Campaigns

To get the most out of social media, your company should get creative. Use the sharing nature of social media to build games and contests for the customers. For example, have your partners put hidden clues in pictures posted to Instagram or snapchat. Then you stage a scavenger hunt for you followers. This not only builds your brand, but partner’s brand as well. These sorts of events use the spread-out nature of social media to generate attention for yourself and others.

Many of the best social media tactics for ecommerce are not known. Focus on content that can be shared. Build micro-content to appeal to social media’s speed. Expand customer interaction on chats to build brand loyalty. Build bots to turn private messaging to your ends. Create clever campaigns, using social media’s skills to spread the word. Employing these little know tactics will help you solidify your social media for ecommerce marketing.

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