Using Instagram Influencer Marketing To Build Your Brand

Modern small business owners can work alongside experienced Instagram influencers to build your brand and expand your social media opportunities. Influencer marketing has consistently been growing as one of the most popular ways to increase awareness, build your online presence, and boost your overall exposure levels. In many cases, customers trust Instagram influencers that they follow more than celebrities or other digital advertisements. Moreover, a successful collaboration could lead to more followers and repeat customers. Read on to learn about using Instagram influencer marketing to build your brand.

Increased Brand Exposure

Instagram influencer marketing strategies help you build your brand through increased rates of exposure. Recognized influencers have extremely large social media followings. Often, to be considered an influencer, one must have a minimum of 50,000 followers. Leveraging the power of influencer’s social media following, you can increase exposure to your products, service, or brand as a whole. Utilize product placement strategies and sales promotions to increase your overall brand recognition. Largely recognized influencers help you improve social media engagement across your brand. Work alongside recognized Instagram influencers to draw increased exposure to your brand.

Maintain FTC Compliance

Working alongside popular Instagram influencers, you can ensure that your brand maintains FTC compliance across your social media activity. Consistent FTC compliance is essential to build your brand and expand your social media following. The FTC has specific endorsement guidelines that work to stop deceptive ads. Influencers are required to make specific disclosures regarding relationships and product advertisements. Experienced Instagram influencers can help you ensure the necessary FTC-compliant disclosures whenever content is posted. Utilizing the services of recognized Instagram influencers, you can ensure FTC compliance to consistently grow and expand your brand.

Campaign Lifecycle Management

Experienced Instagram influencers can help you create and manage marketing campaigns to increase your brand exposure. As many small business owners will tell you, the future of marketing lies in social media. To increase your brand recognition and consumer awareness, it is essential to leverage the power of social media marketing campaigns. With Instagram influencers, it is easy to plan, strategize, launch, and monitor a successful advertising campaign. Depending on your campaign details, Instagram influencers can prepare unique, exciting creative assets to be submitted for approval. This process encompasses the entire campaign lifecycle. Once you have approved content, you can immediately begin experiencing performance benefits across your social media campaign.

Monitor Audience Demographics

Instagram influencers can help small business owners like yourself expand your brand through monitoring audience demographics. Data about your audience is essential to develop your marketing campaign, prepare customer communications, and understand potential business opportunities. Experienced influencers have accurate, detailed information about their audience. When selecting an influencer, be sure to analyze the size and demographics of their active audience. You should consider the audience age, gender and location. Even if an Instagram profile has thousands of followers, the engagement levels and conversion rates will vary greatly on the audience match with your company. At the same time, you should analyze their total followers on other major social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter.

KPI Alignment

Experienced Instagram influencers can help your business align your KPIs, or key performance indicators, in order to build and expand your brand. Business KPIs are measurable values that identify how you will achieve key business objectives. To ensure your planned KPIs lead to successful business results, it is essential for influencers to review performance indicators, campaign objectives, and your overall marketing strategy. Many companies track key metrics like new visitors, referrals, user sessions and sales. By aligning your KPIs, Instagram influencers can ensure appropriate digital communications and alignment towards specific projects. Working alongside experienced, recognized Instagram influencers, you can align your KPIs in order to build and expand your organizational brand.

Recognized Instagram influencers offer an abundance of services to help you build and expand your brand. Working alongside Instagram influencers with high followings, you can increase your brand exposure while simultaneously ensuring FTC compliance. High-following Instagram influencers additionally help you create, plan, and execute strategic social media marketing campaigns. This allows you to manage the complete campaign lifecycle. At the same time, influencers can help you monitor demographics in order to learn more about your audience. Furthermore, recognized Instagram influencers can help you identify, define, and align your organizational KPIs. These metrics allow you to measure your return and growth through each collaboration. Consider the points mentioned above to learn about using Instagram influencer marketing to build your brand.

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