How To Find Interactive Digital Brochure Makers For Branding

With the constant technological advancements and consumer reliance on them, interactive digital brochure making is very effective. As a marketing professional, you are familiar with the importance of online marketing. Maybe you have implemented various online content marketing strategies. Perhaps you have yet to dabble with online brochure making, though. If this is the case, you are in the right place. Digital brochures offer more consumer visibility and engagement. Continue reading to find the best features for interactive digital brochure makers to promote your brand.

Complete Customization

The interactive digital brochure maker you choose should allow you total customization control. Without total control, you lack the opportunity to create brochures that fully portray a specific brand. A seemingly generic brochure can lead your audience to believe your brand is also generic. Instead of creating an ordinary brochure, create one with customizable design options. Look for the freedom to include brand logos and/or icons. Search for the option to include your photos in a photo gallery that you can put together yourself. Complete customization is one of the best features to look for in an interactive digital brochure maker.

Easy Content Importing

Easy content importation keeps you from living a marketing professional’s worst nightmare. This nightmare consists of having to recreate hard work. Content importing provides you with the opportunity to incorporate existing content from various platforms. Such platforms should include Google Docs, YouTube, and Dropbox. Another advantageous import option is social media. From Facebook to Instagram, you have engaging posts. You may even advertise on Twitter successfully. Look for an interactive digital brochure maker that allows you to receive the same engagement through easy content importing.

QR Code Implementation

Another tool to consider when looking for the right interactive digital brochure maker is QR code implementation. As an experienced marketing professional, perhaps you are familiar with QR codes. They provide opportunities to transfer consumers to multiple company pages. For example, a QR code can take consumers to your brand’s mobile app download. When scanned, a QR code can also transfer potential customers to coupon codes. Another example would be a QR code taking customers to other services the business offers. Since a brochure can only do so much on its own, implementing QR codes can help create the best interactive digital brochure experiences for your audience.


A beneficial tool to look for in an interactive digital brochure maker is mobile-friendliness. With most consumers web-surfing on their phones, it is essential to increasing marketing performance. Most makers allow you to schedule online brochures. From there, the makers automatically publish them. Typically, they will be published for computer/laptop use. While this is beneficial to users who are at home, you must consider those who are on-the-go. Look for an interactive digital brochure maker that offers HTML5 format for brochures to be published for Smartphone and tablet usage. A mobile-friendly maker will guarantee your brochure reaches all potential customers.

Integrate Share Options

With the ability to promote mobile-friendly brochures in mind, also consider an interactive digital brochure maker that provides share options. The rise of mobile usage has created a whole new playing field for marketing professionals: social media. If you already have well-established social media channels, look for a brochure maker that allows you to combine your brochure to those channels. By doing so, your followers can engage with your brochure. Furthermore, allowing your brochure to be sent via email can encourage customers to send it to other potential customers. Do not overlook how powerful share options can be. Include them in your criteria for the best interactive digital brochure maker.

The best interactive digital brochure cannot be made without the best interactive digital brochure maker. To find the best one and create engaging content, look for the ability to customize completely. Consider easy content importing. Find a maker that allows QR codes to be implemented. Ensure it is mobile-friendly for all consumers. Lastly, look for the ability to integrate share options for further engagement. These are all features to require of an interactive digital brochure maker.

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