What To Look For In Interactive Digital Magazine Software Systems

Many business owners create digital magazines to increase their customer base. Such business owners only succeed in promoting their products and services in this way by investing in a quality digital magazine software system. Some even use other mobile magazines for advice. As a business owner, you need to purchase a software solution that provides interactive features to engage customers. When magazines succeed in engaging consumers, sales increase. If you want to expand your brand and its online presence, read on to learn what to look for in interactive digital magazine software systems.

Digital Contents

Firstly, look for an interactive digital magazine software system that offers ample digital content options. These options include links, videos and images. Many software systems also provide users with background music options, buttons and annotation as well. These features are crucial to digital magazine success because they allow interactions. Without these tools, potential customers cannot fully engage with your magazine. It would not stick out in the crowd of other companies’ online magazines. Instead, it would fall further down search engines’ rankings, decreasing your potential customer base. Find a digital magazine software system that offers top digital contents so you can drive more consumers to your products and services.

Drag And Drop Editor

Also, search for an interactive digital magazine software system that operates using a drag and drop editor. As a business owner, you know how valuable time is. Marketing professionals who work on software systems without drag and drop editors spend significantly more time creating publications. In turn, they have less time to spend building new ads, promoting products on social media and conducting other essential marketing duties. With a drag and drop editor, marketers can easily transfer content blocks, animations and photos into magazines. To avoid wasting your employees’ valuable time and keep productivity levels high, get interactive digital magazine software that has a drag and drop editor.

Multiple Magazine Types

The best digital magazine software systems offer templates for multiple magazine types. Look for a software system that offers templates for consumer magazines, member magazines and B2B magazines. Many executives assume that they will only need one of these magazine styles. However, digital magazines promote company growth, which opens doors to more audience types. When small boutique owners build digital magazines, they increase their chances of expanding into a retail franchise. Many go on to implement intelligent retail ecommerce solutions as well, initiating more opportunities. As they expand, they have numerous opportunities to build member programs and reach out to other businesses. Hence, they could benefit from creating more magazines for different audiences. If you plan on using your digital magazine to expand your business, invest in a digital magazine software system that offers magazine templates for multiple audiences.

Page Flipping Animation

Profitable interactive digital magazine software systems include page flipping animations. While many animations enhance products and services within online magazines, the page flipping animation proves to be essential. Consumers who turn to the internet for entertainment often struggle. They still enjoy physical magazines that they can hold, but love the convenience of reading articles online. To provide consumers with the best of both worlds, supply them with magazine issues that allow them to still flip the pages. By combining these two features that most customers desire, you increase your digital magazine’s value. Moreover, you improve your business-to-business marketing strategies as well as your business-to-consumer advertising tactics.


In addition to the above features, consider compatibility when choosing a digital magazine software system too. As previously stated, consumers enjoy digital magazines over physical ones because of the convenience they offer. In order to supply customers with this convenience, you need to publish magazines that they can view on their mobile devices. Furthermore, your magazine’s appearance needs to shift to fit the screens of multiple devices. After all, smartphones all have different size screens. They differ tremendously from the screens of iPads and other tablets. Invest in an interactive digital magazine software system that allows customers with any device to flip through your work.

If you want to promote your brand in a new way, purchase the best interactive digital magazine software. To find the highest quality system, look for one with a wide variety of digital contents to fully engage consumers. Systems with drag and drop editors allow marketing professionals to complete projects quickly. When software solutions offer magazine templates for various types of consumers, they work with companies to grow. Page flipping animations mix the nostalgia of physical magazines with the convenience of digital ones. In order to provide optimal convenience, you need a system that promotes mobile-friendly functions. Look for these features in an interactive digital magazine software system to grow your company.

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