How To Design Yellow Pages For Business Ads That Convert More Sales

In a world of endless affiliate marketing, online search and print advertising options, sometimes it is best to stick with the basics. Yellow Pages offers targeted advertising to local clients who have likely already decided to make a purchase. This means you don’t have to create cold leads, but rather compete with the competition to ensure you have the best ad possible. Marketing managers should create targeted and effective ads to properly utilize yellow pages for business. Keep these factors in mind when creating your perfect Yellow Pages ad.

Target Audience

One of the biggest perks of using Yellow Pages for business is that those who are looking at your ad have already decided they want to make a purchase. This means you do not have to convince them they need your product or service. You simply have to show why that product or service should come from you instead of your competition. Therefore, it is important to focus your precious ad space on targeting a customer who is already interested.

Sell Your Value

A great way to pull consumers into any ad is to sell your value. Do you offer low interest rates? Is there a satisfaction guarantee? Can you provide custom business shelving? Include these facts to entice a potential customer to call. Like we mentioned, they already need what you are selling. Your job now is to show them how easy the rest of the process can be.

Get To The Point

Market effectively by running concise and effective ads. Ad space can be expensive, but it is completely necessary in order to maintain and grow any business. As the marketing manager, you should always keep your eye on the prize of spending the marketing budget in the best way possible. Choose a main point you want to convey to the customer. Center your ad around this key idea. Once the purpose statement is in an ad, just wait for people to come to you!

Include Contact Information

This may seem obvious, but the point of a Yellow Pages ad is to generate a call or visit to your business. Clearly include the phone number, e-mail, address and any social media links. Although links are not clickable in a print ad, give an intrigued customer the opportunity to visit your site.

Call To Action

All the information you have provided so far is useless if the potential customer does not do anything with it. Include a strong call to action in order to prompt the consumer to begin a transaction with you. Give an incentive such as a free quote when they call in order to draw a reader in. This is a requirement to all good sales training courses. The call to action is the step of your ad that will generate business leads coming to you.

A Yellow Pages for business ad can be a tool to get customers who are already actively searching for your product and service. Make sure you stand out while they look by creating a well designed ad. Along with the services you offer, make sure to give them a way to reach you. Then prompt them to do so! A well done Yellow Pages ad can be a top marketing tool in your marketing plan.

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