5 Reasons To Join CEO Groups For Added Momentum

CEO groups can be a great peer resource for executive from all sorts of industries. These organizations, made up of between 8 and 13 CEO’s, let chief executives talk about their companies and offer each other support. A young CEO may wonder what these groups can do for them. In fact, CEO groups can provide you with both practical and emotional benefits from the moment you join. Here are top reasons to join CEO groups.


All CEO groups operate under strict confidentiality agreements. This ensures that you can seek advice without worrying about your company’s secrets being disclosed. This could be a problem if you try to engage an adviser or discuss matters with friends and relatives. When trying to solve an issue about someone bullied at work, you need to have full confidentiality. Of course, you should still maintain the anonymity of the employees in question. Confidentiality will protect your company. The other CEO’s won’t break this confidentiality since they are also providing confidential material about their company. This privacy makes a CEO group far more efficient than traditional advising.

Emotional Support

Other CEO’s in the group can not only give you practical advice, but much needed emotional support. Being a CEO can be a lonely affair. As the top of a vast company, you might feel yourself lacking peers to commiserate with. It is your job as CEO to buck up lower ranking employees. In a CEO group, you are with peers. They know the loneliness of the top and can help you cope with it. Never underestimate the need to serve emotional needs. These groups can ensure you keep on an emotionally even keel.


A CEO group can ensure you keep your word regarding the company. Accountability is one of the most important leadership characteristics to develop. Members of a CEO group make sure to check up on each other’s progress and confirm they are meeting expectations. At the top of the corporate ladder, no one within your company can keep pressure on you to do what you say. In a CEO group, you can find that accountability that doesn’t exist day-to-day in the corporate structure. The group helps you keep discipline.

Experienced Advice

The main goal of CEO groups is to share experience. As a young CEO, you will face many problems that others have already solved. Older CEO’s in the group may have such solutions to whatever problems you are currently experiencing. At the same time, you can advise younger CEO’s about to face a ruin you already solved. Leveraging this advice in your company can let you avoid all sorts of major problems. A CEO group can give you experience far beyond your years.


A CEO group can ensure that your expansion will occur productively. This is one of the hardest things for a company to do successfully. Scale up needs to be carefully judged. Do it too fast, and you will not have the infrastructure to meet demand and as a result have cash flow problems. Expand too slow and you will lose your place in the market, even if you have the superior product. An experience CEO can offer great insights on scaling online, wholesale or retail sales. This knowledge is highly valuable to you. The CEO group will make sure you balance this and lead your company to a profitable scale up.

A CEO group can offer you a lot of benefits as a CEO. It gives you a space to talk about problem confidentially. Provide emotional support for what is often a lonely job. It can assure accountability for you and your plans. The group can help you leverage other CEO experience to your gains. They can provide incalculable help by advising you in a scale up. These benefits and others should make you seriously consider joining a group.

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