5 Best Kickstarter Consultant Types That Enhance Campaigns

There are many types of Kickstarter consultants that enhance marketing efforts. Kickstarter and other crowdfunding consultants advise marketers on launching, running, and promoting their campaigns. In fact, some of the best consultants help hundreds of projects reach their crowdfunding goals and raise millions of dollars. As a business owner, partnering with the right type of consultant significantly increases crowdfunding marketing reach and profitability. Additionally, they may lead to lucrative licensing or distribution deals, depending on the campaign. Read on to discover some of the best types of Kickstarter consultants that enhance marketing efforts.

Language Specialist

English language experts are one of the best types of Kickstarter consultants. Since real estate crowdfunding and other sectors require clear communication, grammar and linguistic style have a significant impact on the campaign launch. Consumers must understand and relate to the marketing for significant exposure increases. In fact, many studies have shown that the linguistic style has a larger impact on socially-based campaigns. Surely, experts on the English language use their way with words to provide increased exposure and campaign success rates.

Community Specialist

Community experts are a type of Kickstarter consultant that builds community engagement. Throughout your campaign, you can build rapport and camaraderie while keeping consumers engaged. Your community expert can manage emails and respond to comments and messages on the crowdfunding page. Additionally, they’ll interact with consumers liking and sharing the campaign on social media. Using a multi-channel approach, community experts determine and recommend prudent actions going forward. Absolutely, community experts integrate traffic from different channels into one expansive crowdfunding strategy.

Consultant Agencies

Many Kickstarter consultants create their own crowdfunding agencies that offer advertising, PR, and other influencer marketing services. These agencies often provide market analysis, lead generation, and email marketing. In addition, they offer design and copywriting services for crowdfunding pages. With a great quality page, the Agency’s cross promotions generate organic traffic and leads for your crowdfunding campaign. Certainly, Kickstarter innovation consultant agencies offer a variety of services that generate and maintain traffic to your campaign.

Social Media Specialist

Social media experts harness their knowledge to generate leads via advertisements. Usually, these specialists write copy, create ads for your platform, and manage the budget for these ads. They can establish a small presence on several platforms, pulling traffic and consumers specific via platform specific ad campaigns. With ads on multiple social media platforms, experts maximize the reach of your campaigns. Depending on your project and its target market, your expert can direct the campaign toward specific niches, as well. Definitely, social media specialists use ads to maximize lead generation and maintain high ROI.

Videography Specialist

A filmmaking/videography specialist creates video content to share your crowdfunding project. These types of consultants can generate new viewers and conversations around your campaign. With a Kickstarter video consultant, you can convey abstract concepts with visuals, text and demonstration similar to product video ads. They focus on visual storytelling and connecting with donors. Ultimately, you can learn much more from your base by evaluating responses and building a strong community. Of course, videography experts provide visual storytelling expertise that concisely conveys your brand’s attitude and values while deepening your understanding of donors.

There is a myriad of Kickstarter consultant types that enhance marketing efforts. One type is a language specialist that uses their mastery of the English language to provide exposure increases and significant success rates. Another is a community specialist that integrates traffic from several sources into one crowdfunding strategy. Third, crowdfunding consultant agencies offer many services that generate campaign traffic and maintain it. Fourth, social media specialists use specialized social meda advertisements to generate leads and ROI. Finally, videography specialists harness their visual storytelling expertise to convey your brand’s values and attitude while generating traffic. When searching for the best Kickstarter consultant types that enhance marketing efforts, consider the types described above.

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