How To Select Best Pin Payment Terminal For Simplified Transactions


A brand new state of the art payment device has been designed and manufactured by Verifone, the world’s leading payment terminal manufacturer. The Verifone VX680 is a Wi-Fi enabled chip and PIN machine available at Card Cutters to make payments as fast and efficient as possible for businesses and their customers.

Wireless card payments have been increasing in recent years, with such credit card processing terminals found in bars, restaurants, shops and more around the world. The Verifone VX680 has taken on board many of their best qualities, but should your company bother investing in one?

What Does It Do?

Traditional GPRS and Bluetooth terminals have revolutionized the way many retail places accept payment. They have helped speed up queues in busy shops by making it a lot more convenient to pay for goods and services.

At the moment wireless payment can only be made on amounts up to £30. The Verifone VX680 connects to any Wi-Fi network to provide a reliable alternative to GPRS connections for processing payments. 3DES encryption is used to ensure all transactions made are safe and secure, allowing you and your customers’ minds to rest at ease.

Does My Business Need One?

There are many benefits certain businesses can gain from a Wi-Fi enabled chip and PIN machine. This is an essential startup service to accept payments. Wi-Fi is incredibly cheap and can be found almost anywhere throughout the Western world, meaning it will easily link up with your company’s network for making faster payments.

For businesses that regularly attend shows and events this is incredibly useful as connecting to a Wi-Fi network offers increased reliability over GPRS. This should result in less problems when customers come to making payments. It also features a touch screen to make payments even smoother and its ergonomic design means it can be carried around comfortably.

What Options are Available?

At the moment Verifone have only developed one type of Wi-Fi chip and PIN terminal, though when it is a proven success there are sure to be more in the line along with plenty of imitators.

If you’re running a start-up or small business IT department with limited finances then there are options to rent one rather than buying outright. This makes it affordable for taking one, two or more to events to ensure secure and fast payment for your business. Larger firms can order as many as required, whether it is to fill a big shop with many tills or a couple for your bar.

Types Of Card Machines

The pin payment terminal is a feature that is available on a number of different types of card machines for businesses. There are several varieties of card machine solutions to consider for your wine franchise or other business. These types include countertop card machines, wireless card machines, mobile cards readers and virtual terminals. Consider all of these options and compare them with your particular business operations. If you are looking to experience the benefits of simplified small business payments, consider all of the types of credit card machines available to you.


Payment terminal providers have taken processing one step further with mobile payments or also known as mobile POS. The latest devices are being design to accept payment almost anywhere as long as their is a cell connection. Thus, business can engage customers while also having a strong security backend that features full end-to-end encryption. This level of mobility, access and security is a great reason to upgrade your payment terminal.

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