How To Find Best Mobile POS System To Improve Customer Satisfaction


With holiday shopping in full swing, now is the prime time to upgrade your customer experience. Whatever industry you’re in, you want to increase the speed of your buyers’ journey as well as their satisfaction. In addition to providing delivery service, there is another way to improve your customers’ satisfaction. One way small businesses achieve these goals is through using a mobile point of sale (POS) system. If you’ve thought about adopting one and don’t know which aspects are most important, here’s a quick look at the top factors you should focus on:

Ease of Use

Mobile POS systems are becoming more and more streamlined and intuitive, which is good news for buyers and salespeople alike. In the retail industry, 19 percent of businesses currently have a mobile POS system used for checking out customers anywhere in the store, and 22 percent of retail stores use this type of technology to look up inventory while on the store floor, according to Lightspeed.

In both of these scenarios, customers expect efficiency. Transactions should be smooth, and inventory searches should be fast. As you search for your perfect provider, keep in mind its ease of use. Once you find the right system, be sure to train your salespeople so they can get out on the floor quickly to sell and provide great customer service.


Of course you can’t choose any sort of technology without giving some serious thought to how secure it is. Buyers are wary of making purchases with their credit and debit cards, thanks to the uptick in fraud that recent years have seen. In 2012, $3.5 billion was lost in e-commerce due to fraud, according to CyberSource, and these numbers continue to rise as thieves become more technologically savvy.

One of the steps that has been taken to help protect consumers is the addition of EMV technology. Previously, banks would incur the costs if a retailer ran a fraudulent card, but now if businesses have not updated their systems to include the new EMV technology, they are responsible for the costs of running a fraudulent card. You need to protect yourself from this liability, so look for a mobile POS system that promises EMV compliance, such as Sage Payment Solutions. Sage offers the right terminals for both your in-store and online purchases, and makes sure your transactions are more secure and reduces the amount of chargebacks your business sees. It’s one of the only ways you can rest assured that this change won’t negatively affect your business.

Inventory Management Tools

Some mobile POS systems include inventory tracking features. These inventory tracking tools cut down on the physical tasks typically required for inventory management. This will make your business more efficient and allow more time for optimizing Amazon. If that sounds like something you would want to do for business, you need to consider this in your search for the best POS system. Only consider those POS systems with inventory management tools offered as included features.


Finally, your mobile POS system should be able to be seamlessly tweaked as needed to keep up with your company’s changes. If you want to send business thank you sayings with every sale, it should be easy to modify the email template. Search for a solution that offers an easy way for you to update prices, change product information and track your sales. As you innovate and make important upgrades within your business, you want a mobile POS system that can keep up.

How Mobile POS Helps Business

A mobile POS system can help your business increase sales. How so? Because by using a mobile POS, you can allow more payment options for your customers. In doing so, you will never have to turn away another sale ever again. Customers love to use easy credit cards for payment. Accepting many different payment methods will increase your sales drastically once word gets out that you are no longer a cash only business.

Now is the perfect time to implement a mobile POS system and start offering your customers an easier and more enjoyable shopping experience from the first service proposal template through to completion of the sale. If you cover these three factors, your customers and your business will be rewarded for it.

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  1. Running a business today is much more simple than before. We can now monitor and manage business right at the tip of our fingers. That is so awesome.

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