5 Leadership Training Seminars Activities for Professional Development

There are many leadership training seminar activities for professional development. These activities evaluate employee’s leadership potential and highlight the skill sets necessary for leadership roles. Additionally, training seminars and leadership workshops open these skills to improvement, maximizing employee leadership potential. As an HR manager, run some leadership activities to increase the value of your employees and their management potential. Read on to discover 5 leadership training seminars activities for professional development.

Leadership Envelopes

Leadership envelopes are a game that helps seminar groups apply various leadership principles. Participants split into groups and synthesize applications of leadership principles in real life. Then, the groups come together and discuss each others’ ideas. This way, the best ideas are evaluated and the most prudent leadership behaviors are determined. Surely, leadership envelopes use collaboration to determine effective leadership strategies.

“Center Stage”

“Center stage” is another type of game-like activity that develops leadership skills. Pick four volunteers. One plays the role of a bad employee, who has missed meetings or been consistently late to work, for example. The other three display different leadership personalities, and deal with the employee. Save time by designating the three leaders with their personalities. After each demonstration, have a group discussion to reflect on the leadership approach used. At the end, ask your group to think about what their ideal leader would have done in the scenario. This way, the leadership skills and potential of each individual is evaluated, and effective strategies are again determined through project collaboration. Absolutely, “center stage” is a great leadership training seminar activity that highlights individual’s approaches to leadership.

“Party” Hosting

An exercise in which someone hosts a “party” establishes the individual’s leadership presence. This presence includes abilities to command the room, effectively share thoughts, and communicate impactfully and persuasively. Participants are given numbered papers, and each number from 1-4 represents a designated “character,” such as an intern or CEO. Each participant acts out their role as if they were at a cocktail party, and must guess each other’s roles. After the exercise, everyone discusses how they presented themselves and how they can improve their leadership skills. This way, a more collaborative culture is established between participants due to hierarchical walls being broken. Certainly, party hosting games like this provide improvements to existing relationships while developing leadership skills.

Personal Fulfillment

Personal fulfillment is a leadership aspect that many managers forget about, due to putting their team’s needs above their own. A personal fulfillment leadership program empowers managers with their company and industry futures. Leaders that see their desires fulfilled at work enjoy significant efficiency increases over leaders who don’t. Additionally, leaders motivated in this way often positively impact the culture and efficiency of their teams. Definitely, personal fulfillment and team building activities have a significant impact on the productivity of leaders and those they’re leading.

Qualities Of Leaders

An activity revolving around the qualities of leaders enables more collaborative discussion. Break participants into teams and ask them to share leaders of any kind that they admire. Note any characteristics shared between mentioned leaders, and have participants reflect on them. This way, participants evaluate the characteristics they share with admired leaders and identify skills to develop further. Additionally, you can use participants’ notes on skills they’d like to develop to create more training opportunities. Of course, qualities of leaders activities like this highlight specific leadership qualities and additional skills to develop further.

There is a myriad of leadership training seminar activities for professional development. One such activity, leadership envelopes, use group collaboration to highlight the most effective leadership strategies. Another, the “center stage” activity, evaluates individual participants’ approaches to leadership. Hosting a “cocktail party” strengthens collaboration capabilities between participants while developing leadership skills. Personal fulfillment activities often have a significant impact on the productivity and effectiveness of leaders and their teams. Finally, activities focused on discussing qualities of leaders highlight both specific leadership qualities and other skills to develop further. When searching for leadership training seminar activities for professional development, consider the activities described above.

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