Learn To Speak Business English With These Top Online Resources

Business owners all over the world understand the value of American, British and Canadian business. However, not all global business owners will know how to communicate using English business vocabulary. Learning some key business terms will help you to prepare to do business in English-speaking countries, especially if you are a real estate developer. That is why you should consider taking advantage of the resources offered by one, or all, of these top websites to learn English business vocabulary.

Business English Pod

Business English Pod is an excellent resources to help non-English speakers learn the business lingo they need to know to succeed. This group creates incredibly helpful business English lessons, available for free on YouTube. They also have a website featuring over 400 lessons that can teach you essential business English terms and grammar for meetings, presentations, negotiations, job interviews, socializing and more. If you want a comprehensive, free way to learn business English online or via audio, use the Business English Pod website.

BBC Learning English

BBC Learning English is another excellent website that can teach you the English you need. This website does not specialize in just the business language, however. Instead, the website takes a school-style approach to teaching you the English really spoken by British business people and regular, everyday people alike. This website is a great resource to use to learn language exam skills and more. However, you may want to look elsewhere if you just want to learn enough English to look for a business acquisition loan. If you want to learn English online for free, and do not care about learning solely business terminology, consider visiting the BBC Learning English website.

Learn English British Council

The British Council also provides an excellent resource to non-English speaking business owners looking to break into business in Britain. Their website features a catalog of all their LearnEnglish podcasts. They also provide useful videos of the interview process in English, as well as language about market research techniques and more. If you want to have access to lessons in English about topics like business and ethics, visit the Learn English section of the British Council website.


If you do not mind spending some money, Kaplan offers business English courses to business owners like yourself. Kaplan offers a number of different business English classes – business English in London, English for business, intensive business English, English plus professional certificate and English for specific purposes. These courses are all tailored to your particular English-proficiency level. They will help you learn about everything from annual investment reports to franchise opportunities. If you want to take one of the best online business English classes, consider using Kaplan services.


DiscoverEnglish offers a an excellent business English class online as well. The course promises to help you learn English for work in order to further your career and build your business vocabulary. The class boasts experienced teachers and a hands-on approach to learning, with five extra class hours offered to students each week, just in case they need a little extra help. You do have to apply for the course, however. Unfortunately this course is not for everyone. But if you think you have the English fundamentals down, learn the business English lingo you need to do business in America and elsewhere on the Discover English website.

If you are a non-English speaking business owner, you may be wanting to learn a little more business English vocabulary in order to start doing business in Canada, Britain or America. If that is the case, use these resources above. These English business classes are sure to help you learn how to communicate in the English-speaking business world. Good luck!

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