Little-Known Ways Learnerships Benefit Employers In South Africa

Learnerships help young South Africans develop work skills that can help them have a long, lucrative career in their chosen industry. These apprenticeship programs benefit future members of the workforce, of course. But, what do they do for business owners like you? There are quite a number of ways that learnership programs benefit business too. Find out how, below.

Skilled Job Seekers

Learnerships benefit all businesses, even those that do not participate in any programs. They lead to a skilled pool of job seekers for the country as whole. Even those that have not hosted learners still benefit from a more skilled workforce who know the rules of professional dress. It makes it easier to fill positions with top talent. That means less time wasted finding quality applicants to employ at your business. This is a benefit of learnerships that every business gets to experience.

More Competitive

Businesses who participate in learnerships have the advantage of becoming even more competitive within their industry. Learnership training earns your business additional points on your BEE scorecard. That improves your overall procurement recognition. Staying ahead of the competition is as easy as can be when you offer learnership training at your business.

Tax Incentives

Providing learnership training also gives your business access to special tax incentives. With SETA, or the Sector Education and Training Authority, the government offers tax incentives to businesses that participate in the learnership program.This can be hugely beneficial for your business’s bottom line.

Productive Employees

Learnerships make for more productive employees. The more training workers gain, the more productive they are. More productive employees are never a bad thing. Once you have a learnership trainee on board, you can groom them to operate with maximum productivity. Then, you can sit back and experience the benefits of having the most productive employees around, as long as you have no issues with employee retention.

Better Independence

Learners who participate in the learnership program offered by SETA have also proven to work more independently. They have shown to need less supervision than their peers who have not participated. This is probably because they have had the opportunity to develop enhanced problem solving abilities throughout their learnership. Workers with better problem solving skills and more independence means less management problems and more time to focus on business operations that benefit your bottom line. This is never a bad thing.

For business owners, providing learnership training at your company can be hugely beneficial. But, too few business owners are aware of the benefits learnerships provide employers like the Goddard School. There are many learnership advantages for employers, like the ones mentioned above. Consider these when deciding whether or not your business should participate in the SETA program. You may wind up being pleasantly surprised at just how positively your participation impacts your business.

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