Top 5 Lessons From “Delivering Happiness” For Best Company Culture

Delivering Happiness is the name of a book about business by Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh. The book aims to give young entrepreneurs a look at the importance of company culture to help them achieve remarkable results in business. This book offers a ton of useful lessons for you if you want to open your own business anytime soon. Worry about business cards tomorrow. Today, find out the most important business lessons from the book “Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose.”

Pay Employees To Quit

Standard operating procedures at Zappos include offering new employees the opportunity to make $2,000 to quit. This may seem counterproductive to most traditional business professionals. However, according to Hsieh, it improves the team culture overall. This allows those that are not passionate about the company’s mission to get out before they cost more money than they are worth. This is a good policy to employ at any business you start.

Company Culture Is Most Important

Zappos places company culture at the center of every HR policy they enact. Hsieh believe company culture is the #1 priority for any business, no matter whether you need to bootstrap or not. When employees are satisfied with their employer, they are more productive. They work harder and communicate better as a team to produce the absolute best results possible. You should definitely place company culture at the top of your priorities when you open a business.

3 Types Of Happiness

Delivering Happiness is a book that centers around the importance of making others happy in order to make yourself happy. However, there are three types of happiness, and they are not made equal. Pleasure, Passion and Higher Purpose are the 3 types of happiness, according to HsiehHsieh. He believes that the longest lasting of these is High Purpose. When you are a part of something that is bigger than yourself, this is when you are happiest. This is the type of happiness he encourages others to pursue in business in his novel.

Take Advantage Of Vacations

In his inspirational book, Hseih also talks about the importance of taking your vacation time. Hseih tells a story of his own about deciding to go on a vacation to Mt. Kilimanjaro that he had almost cancelled. Everything turned out okay in the end. The trip reminded him that work is not the most important part of life. But also, that getting away from work for awhile will give you a renewed enthusiasm for it when you come back. If you want to make sure your future business is delivering happiness, always take that vacation. Your business will thank you for it.

Have An Ultimate Purpose

As mentioned above, pursuing a higher purpose is one of the three types of happiness. This is the type of happiness that Hsieh believes to be most important for all good company names. His success supports this theory. Make sure your business has a higher purpose that is transparent for employees. Having an ultimate purpose will make employees feel a part of the team. This will always lead to better company culture and improved office morale. Make sure to have an ultimate purpose for your company so that you can be delivering happiness to both your employees and customers all at once.

If you are a young entrepreneur just starting out, there are many business lessons you will have to learn along the way. Zappos’ CEO Tony Hsieh gives you a jump start with the most important lessons for business in “Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose.” The business secrets and tips above are some of the most important to learn from the self-help book. These business tips will help you to build a business from the ground up that is ready to take on success with happy employees along for the ride. Keep these tips in mind before you start your foray into the business world.

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