5 Life Insurance Sales Ideas To Close More Deals

Life insurance agents constantly need to upgrade their life insurance sales tactics. As a life insurance agent, you are well aware that you compete against other agents on a daily basis. In order to increase your profits, you need to boost your sales. To do that, you need to find new leads. Many life insurance agents fail to realize how many successful sales strategies they can implement in their plans. Those who do implement them, however, increase their profits significantly. In this post, you will learn the top life insurance sales ideas to close more deals.

Use Online Tools

One of the best life insurance sales ideas for closing more deals is to use online tools. This idea is particularly useful for agents who target millennials as prospects. Millennials conduct most of their research online. They expect companies in every industry to use digital tools as well. When businesses fail to market with online tools, millennials tend to think that they are out-dated. As a result, they move onto another company. Gain access to an online comparison calculator or cost estimator. Find a tool that is specifically compatible with all mobile devices. Then, you can easily receive insight into sales metrics that are essential to grow your client base. If you use such a tool when meeting with potential millennial life insurance buyers, you will impress them and increase your sales.

Automate Follow Ups

Another life insurance sales idea that you should implement is to automate your follow ups. Life insurance agents do not have much free time during the work day. You have to spend your time meeting with clients and working to gain new ones. Because insurance agents like yourself are usually very busy, many forget to follow up with prospects in a timely manner. When you do not reach out to prospects soon enough, they find other insurance agents to work with. Invest in the top CRM tools to expedite your life insurance sales follow ups. With such technology, you will not have to remember to send out emails. The software will take care of it for you. Automate your follow ups to boost your closed sales rate.

Write Concise Emails

When you write those follow up emails, keep them short and to the point to increase your life insurance sales. This idea may seem very simple, but it is crucial to persuade prospects to become clients. When you follow up with a prospective client, you do not want to bore them with a lengthy email. After all, they could be just as busy as you are. If they open up your email to find a page worth of content, they will likely avoid reading it. Write emails that are less than 125 words. Whether you plan to use emails as part of an ad campaign or strictly for follow up purposes, they need to be short and informative. Then, you will grasp your prospects’ attentions and close more life insurance sales.

Host A Customer Appreciation Party

Life insurance agents who host customer appreciation parties maintain positive cash flows, making it a great idea to implement. Incorporate thank you sayings into the invitations to show your appreciation from the start. You can take your current customers out to a quality restaurant. If you want to save money, have food catered and have clients over to your office. Offer them wine, appetizers and top-notch meals wherever you host your party. Host these parties at least once a year to retain your customers. In the process, you could gain new referrals. During the party, ask your clients to refer you to anyone they know in need of life insurance. Hand out your cars once your clients leave the party. You will keep them happy and increase your chances of closing more life insurance sales in the future.

Ask Prospects About Their Families

Lastly, show prospective clients that you care about their needs by asking them about their families. When individuals look for life insurance, they are usually looking for great plans that will benefit their spouses and children as well. During your first meeting, ask your prospects if they have any children. If they say that they do, you can try to relate to them through telling stories of your kids, nephews, nieces or grandchildren. Then, provide the best possible options that you can offer them based on their families’ situations. Clients feel more comfortable signing on the dotted line when they feel that their agents care for them and their needs. Thus, this life insurance sales idea is great for closing more deals.

In order to beat out your competition, you need to implement the best life insurance sales techniques. Use online tools to impress millennials. Automate follow ups to increase your chances of turning prospects into clients. Write short and sweet emails to avoid boring or annoying clients. Host a customer appreciation party to gain new referrals. Ask prospects about their families to show them that you care. Use these life insurance sales ideas to close more deals and boost profits.

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