Required LLC Formation Documents To Start Your Own Business

One you have a business idea, you want to run with it. That is simply the nature of all entrepreneurs. There are always going to be steps that you need to follow before you can turn your business ideas into real businesses, however. Entrepreneurs need to be sure that they are establishing a legal, reputable business organization. Otherwise, it could cost them in the end. If you are an entrepreneur looking to start your own business, you need to know how to incorporate a business. Forming an LLC is not difficult, but it does require quite a bit of paperwork. Find out what LLC formation documents you need to incorporate your own business successfully in this post.

Articles Of Organization

Articles of organization is the name given to the documents you will need to form an LLC. Articles of organization paperwork must be filed with the Secretary of State in the state where your business operations will take place. Unlike a corporation, you will not need to file articles of incorporation. Limited Liability Companies, or LLCs, are only required to file articles of organization in their business’s home state. This LLC documentation includes all the standard information about your business. This includes things like your business name, registered agent, business structure and member names if there are multiple business partners. If you want to start an LLC, you will be responsible for filing articles of organization. They are the most vital LLC formation documents.

Statement Of Purpose

The LLC Statement of Purpose is a part of your LLC formation documents. It will need to be created and entered into your LLC articles of organization. These LLC documents simply put into writing the reason you are opening a business. What will your business do when it begins operations? The answer to this will be what you write for your LLC statement of purpose documents. Some states do not require a direct, in-depth description of your business operations for dropshipping or anything else in this section. Instead, you can simply write that the purpose of your LLC is to engage in lawful LLC activities. Depending on where you are located, you may need to put a bit more, or a bit less, work into your statement of purpose for an LLC. Just be sure to get it done to be able to include it in your LLC formation paperwork requirements.

Operating Agreement

LLC owners will also need to have an operating agreement in place before beginning operations. An operating agreement is a legal LLC document. It details the responsibilities and relationships of business owners, managers and staff. In order to file articles of organization, entrepreneurs must have an LLC operating agreement in place. Then, this operating agreement is used as a guideline for managing business operations. That is why operating agreements are one of the must have LLC formation documents for you to get started on right away.

EIN Application

Small business LLCs will also be required to apply for an EIN, or employer identification number, from the IRS. This is another example of LLC formation paperwork that you will be responsible for completing before opening your business’s doors to its first customers. The EIN application is the paperwork required by the IRS to identify your LLC as a valid employer in the United States. Thus, it makes it possible for you and your new LLC to hire your first employee. Thankfully, it can be completed online, making it easier and more convenient for future business owners. Business owners technically do not have to file this paperwork until they want to hire employees. But, it is always smart to get things done ahead of time – just in case, including getting your Quickbooks Payroll software in order. Prepare your business for its first employees by filing the EIN application part of your LLC formation paperwork.

Is Assistance Required?

Will you need assistance to complete LLC formation paperwork? No, not necessarily. Most entrepreneurs will be able to file LLC incorporation paperwork on their own. For those entrepreneurs that do need assistance, online legal services provide incorporation packages for reasonable rates. Or, you can always opt to hire a small business lawyer to incorporate your LLC for you. This decision will depend on your business startup budget and personal preferences. If you choose to file LLC incorporation documents on your own, just be sure you do not forget any LLC organization paperwork mentioned above.

All entrepreneurs get excited about the prospect of starting their own business, whether it be a handyman business a new tech startup. Oftentimes, this can lead them to rush through the LLC formation process. Ultimately, that can cost them their business in the end. If you want to form an LLC on your own, you need to have all the right LLC formation paperwork in order. Be sure to have all the LLC documents detailed above. These must have LLC formation documents are your key to opening your own business LLC. Once you have filed all the necessary LLC formation paperwork with the Secretary of State and the IRS, you can officially call yourself a new business owner and employer. Good luck!

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