How To Set Up Location Fulfillment For Shopify Networks

There are several steps to set up location fulfillment for Shopify networks. Shopify store owners must establish centralized, reliable locations where customer orders can be fulfilled. When an order is accepted, it can then be sent to these fulfillment locations — based on stock levels and priority. As an eCommerce business owner yourself, you should know how to establish these locations in a simple and straightforward manner. Read on to learn how to set up location fulfillment for Shopify networks.

Establish Your Locations

First, establish which locations will fulfill your orders. There is a wide range of locations to choose from and the amount you can select varies with each Shopify plan. There are 5 different Shopify plans to choose from. The cheapest plan, Shopify Lite, allows users to utilize 3 locations while the most expensive plan, Shopify Plus, allows users to utilize 20 locations. However, if your business requires additional locations be sure to contact Shopify support. To establish your locations be sure to go to your accounts “settings”, click “Locations” in the menu, and select “add locations”. Before you can utilize any of shopify’s fulfillment centers you must have your locations established.

Set A Default Location

Additionally, Shopify mandates that a location is stated on all fulfillable orders. To establish a default location find the “data feed” you utilize for fulfillments. Once you are in your “data feed” select the dropdown to display all locations you currently utilize. Shopify only shows the locations that you have set as “active”. Shopify prevents the fulfillment of orders from inactive locations as there is no method of using an inactive location. After you follow these steps, select the “save” button located at the bottom of the page to set your “Default Location”.

Set Up Split Fulfillment

Next, as a new customer, your Thrive Inventory is set up to work with Shopify’s split fulfillment. This works just like a business fulfillment center. However, as an existing customer, you may be asked to customize your Shopify permissions. In order to do this, select “upgrade this integration” in the pop-up banner. Once this is done, complete the steps listed in the prompt that will appear on your screen and select “update”. The final step is to accept the changes you have made by selecting the “update app” button which will appear in the bottom right corner. Surely, setting this up eases the fulfillment process for you and the customer.

Activate Multi-Origin Shipping

Another important step is activating multi-origin shipping. To do this go to your settings and select the shipping and delivery tab. Once in the tab select shipping, then manage. From here you can select “Activate Multi-Origin Shipping” and hit continue. Now all you have to do is hit save to make a new profile and confirm the activation. By activating Multi-Origin Shipping you will be able to complete orders from multiple fulfillment locations.

Export Fulfillable Orders

Finally, you can create and export any fulfillable orders. When updating orders make sure to update important details such as the fulfillment ID, fulfillment status, and fulfillment location. Additionally, stay aware and be sure to update tracking numbers, URLs, and shipment statuses so customers remain notified about the estimated time of arrival for their orders. Once this is done select the export button and download your orders export files. As a business owner, it is essential that all fulfillable orders are properly exported so your employees and the customer remain up to date on the fulfillment statuses of their orders.

When using the Shopify networks it is essential that you set up your fulfillment locations for Shopify. First, make sure you establish which fulfillment locations your business will be operating with. Next, be sure to set a default location as every order requires a fulfillment location stated for the order. Additionally, set up split fulfillment to accelerate and ease the fulfillment process. Also, activate multi-origin shipping and packing so you can fulfill orders via multiple locations. Lastly, once you have set your locations you are finally ready to export all fulfillable orders. Read up to learn how to set up fulfillment locations for Shopify networks.

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