5 Must-Have Logo Design Crowdsource Website Features

Businesses use logos to build their identities. With that being said, creating a logo is a major step in an entrepreneur’s life. Some hire agencies to create quality logos for their startups. Others, however, do not have the funding to pay marketing agencies for their work. Such entrepreneurs turn to logo design crowdsource websites for assistance. As an entrepreneur who either does not have the finances to pay an agency or does not want to spend too much money, you are likely considering using a crowdsourcing site. The top ones provide startups ranging from vending machine business to restaurant business with top-notch designs. To ensure that you choose the best website, read on and learn the must-have logo design crowdsource website features.

Money Back Guarantee

Firstly, look for logo design crowdsource websites that offer money back guarantees. Picky entrepreneurs might not be satisfied with the designs they get back from crowdsourcing sites. These unsatisfied entrepreneurs will not want to use the logos that they paid for. When entrepreneurs do use logos that do not match the brand identity they are trying to build for their startup, they create a negative image for it. Once it is established, it is difficult for consumers to view the brand differently. Therefore, you need a logo design crowdsource site that guarantees you your money back if you are unhappy with the finished product.

Multiple Designs

The best logo design crowdsource websites also offer entrepreneurs multiple designs. When you pay for a logo design on one of these sites, you do not just receive one logo back. Instead, designers create multiple logos and send the drafts to you. Some sites let you converse with designers. That way, you can communicate exactly what you would change in their drafts. Then, you can receive a finished product that you will be proud to label your brand with. As a result, you will form a small business LLC or other type of entity and market it well, too. If you want to obtain the logo of your dreams, look for this feature in a logo design crowdsource site.

Contest Option

Additionally, the best logo design crowdsource websites give entrepreneurs the option to hold contests. Begin by posting a description of your project on the website. Explain what you have in mind for your logo. Then, wait to receive hundreds of logos from multiple designers. Go through the contest entries and choose your favorites. You can provide designers with feedback and request that they revise their submissions. Then, select the one you want to use to launch your startup. The contest option is great for entrepreneurs who do not have too much of a vision for their logo and want to see what creative minds can come up with. If you fall under this category, find a logo design crowdsource website that offers contests.

“Work Directly” Option

In contrast, some entrepreneurs prefer logo design crowdsource sites that offer a “work directly” option. As the title suggests, this option entails working directly with a single designer. The website itself will assist you in finding a designer who can meet your needs. They base their decision off of skill set and style. Once you receive a designer to work with, you can communicate with them as they create your logo drafts. You can tell them what you want changed as they go. If you know exactly what you want in your logo, this is a great logo design crowdsource website feature.

Industry Categories

Finally, look for a logo design crowdsource website that has industry categories. Since all industries have different popular styles and fonts, this is a crucial feature to have in a crowdsourcing platform. Browse through the different logos in each category that designers made on the platform. When you like the style of one of them, inquire about the designer. See if you can work together. If you do not like any of the logos in your industry category, move onto another site. This feature allows you to determine when logo design crowdsource sites can meet your needs or not.

In order to build an identity for your startup, you need a logo. Consider crowdsourcing a logo so that you can stick to your budget. Look for a website that guarantees you your money back if you are unsatisfied with your final product. The best sites provide entrepreneurs with multiple designs to choose from. If you do not have a clear picture in your head of what you want your logo to look like, find a website that allows you to host a logo creation contest. Those who do have clear pictures in their heads of their ideal logos should find sites with the “work directly” app. In addition, industry categories assist entrepreneurs in determining when a site will work for them and when it will not. Find a logo design crowdsource website that offers these must-have features. Then, you will build brand image through a quality logo.

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