7 Biggest Advantages To Use A Mac For Your Small Business

Unlike big companies, small businesses usually don’t have the luxury of resources. Instead of relying on others, many entrepreneurs use technology to manage their accounting, invoicing, bookkeeping, cybersecurity, marketing, project management, and web design needs. In fact, for many small business owners, their computer is the lifeblood of their operation. That’s why picking the right computer is critical for most people who run enterprises. Traditionally, many people select Windows-powered PCs because of the many advantages they offer over Macs. However, Macs have closed the gap over the years, making them a more attractive option for many professionals.


Your clients are more likely to give you business if they believe that you’re successful. And in some industries, Macs spell success. Not only do Macs look expensive, but they also look stylish. For instance, you’re more likely to impress clients in the advertising industry when you start your presentation with a sleek looking Mac instead of an unexciting old PC. However, this isn’t always the case. For instance, your clients will probably prefer that you use a Windows-powered PC if you’re in the business of software development or computer hardware.

Competitive Prices

You no longer have to break the bank to buy a good Apple computer thanks to changing market dynamics, cheaper technology, and regular sales — when you time your purchase, you can buy the right Macs for your entire company at a more affordable rate.

Long-Term Value

While it’s true that Macs are more expensive than PCs even when you buy them at discounted prices, they’re still more cost-effective to purchase in the long run. This is because Apple uses premium components in Macs that are designed to last. Likewise, you have reliable customer support for your Apple hardware. In the event of hardware failure, you can take your Mac to an Apple Store nearby for tech support.

Faster Software Patches

Microsoft can be notoriously slow to update Windows’s security holes, leaving your valuable data vulnerable to cyberattackers. Moreover, Microsoft often releases buggy updates that it eventually kills. On the other hand, Apple updates its operating system more efficiently. With faster software patches, there are unparalleled reasons to incorporate Macs for business.

Greater Security

Your small business needs to have a secure machine in order to protect your data — just one security breach can affect the confidence your clients have in your company. Traditionally, Macs are considered safer than PCs because Apple exercises greater control over the manufacturing process. However, threats against Macs increase as they become more popular — a report from cybersecurity company Malwarebytes states that the volume of threats against Macs is now greater than Windows-powered PCs. While your Mac’s security software is adequate, it certainly needs a helping hand against emerging malware threats. Download antivirus for Mac that complements your computer’s security system and crushes all kinds of malware threats, including ransomware.

Better Graphics

Although Macs still trail behind PCs in terms of video rendering capabilities, they’ve caught up because of higher-quality integrated graphics processors from Intel and more powerful discrete graphics card options. Moreover, Apple products feature some of the best video and photo editing tools in the world. If your small business is part of the visual arts industry, then a Mac could be perfect for you. Surely, with better graphics, Macs are one of the best business computers you can use for your company.

Apple Ecosystem

If you already use an iPad or an iPhone, then you’ll find it easier to use a Mac and become part of Apple’s ecosystem. For instance, your Mac will work effortlessly with your iPhone out of the box, unlike your Windows-powered computer. The reason for this is simple — Apple designs all its hardware and software itself, making sure that its products communicate seamlessly and follow the same design language.

More Software

If you want to switch your small business from PCs to Macs, you can still find many of your favorite products on your new platform. For instance, you can now download products like Word, Excel, Outlook, and OneNote, and Microsoft PowerPoint for business from the Mac App Store. If you miss some programs, you can always use the Boot Camp utility on your Mac to switch between macOS and Windows as you please.

As an entrepreneur, it’s hard to ignore Macs when they’re so dependable, stylish, and versatile. In the end, the decision comes down to your personal preference and the scope of your company.

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