Online Presence Management Tips To Improve Your Career Trajectory


Everyone has an online presence; it’s the way you’re perceived when someone sees your Facebook page or looks at your website or stock photos you may be in. Creating an online presence is easy, but maintaining a positive one is more challenging. In this post, business marketing professionals can discover how to preserve a strong, positive online presence.

Google Yourself

Before you figure out if what changes need to be made to your online presence, Google yourself. If your company website doesn’t come up, focus on search engine optimization. Also, recognize that anything you see is what potential clients will see as well. Deleting any negative information will change your online perception. If you can’t remove enough negative material, simply overwhelm it with positive material. Certinaly, positive reviews are a sure way to win customers and referrals. This is a great first step in preserving a positive online presence.

Social Media

Double-check the privacy settings and password policies for your personal social media accounts. Log out and then search your accounts, which will tell you what specific information is visible and what isn’t. states that, “if you don’t have your settings configured correctly, your entire Facebook profile could be public domain.” Also, avoid posting anything inappropriate. Although they are your personal accounts, one Facebook friend may be a potential client one day. For your business social media accounts, make sure to keep them updated. Customer gain much more information from active accounts than inactive ones.

Maintain Relationships

Keeping in contact with past clients is a great way to maintain the business/client relationship. This can be done easily on social media by posting photos, writing small updates and even messaging with clients. This allows you to work on your marketing, while communicating with clients at the same time. This allows you to hold onto relationships with customers even after the work is done, which improves the chances of you working together again in the future.

Maintain Your Website

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, fifty-one percent of small businesses have a website. This means that while potential customers search for your site, they may also find the websites of your competitors. First, make sure your company website is clear and easy to navigate. Then, keep updating it. To keep clients coming back to your site, include product updates, company news and giveaways. Keeping your site up-to-date is a crucial way to maintain a strong online presence.

Check For Mistakes

Constantly visit your professional social media accounts and website for errors. These could include anything from a typo to broken links on your site. Of course, you shouldn’t wait for a customer to tell you that something doesn’t work. It is your responsibility to make sure everything is working so customers can spend more time shopping or learning about your company. Finding any errors before your clients is a great tool for maintaining a strong online presence.

Presence App

While the Presence app may not be able to help you improve or maintain your online presence, it is certainly helpful in other areas like surveillance technologies. The Presence app is a free security camera app. Presence allows you to turn your old iOS or Android devices into Wi-Fi security cameras. All you have to do is download the presence on on your smartphone or tablet. Then, sign into your Presence account on your current mobile device or on any other web-capable device and you can keep an eye on things from anywhere in the world. This is an excellent form of online presence to keep in mind, even if it does not help you monitor your online presence at all.

Creating an online presence is simple for marketers, but maintaining a positive online presence is paramount for business professionals. Start by Googling yourself and deciding if any changes need to be made. Then, check your social media accounts and maintain relationships you’ve already built with clients. Finally, update your website so clients return to it and fix any mistakes. By following these tips, you can preserve the strong online presence that you’ve worked hard to build.

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