9 Smart Surveillance Technologies Best Practices For Business Security


Surveillance is the process of observing the behavior or activity of people in an area or building with the use of monitoring technologies. It is done for the purpose of controlling or altering the behavior of the individuals being observed for employee engagement. And, it can likewise be performed particularly to protect other people, environments, and objects.

Although surveillance can encompass technologies that are employed to intercept electronically transferred data or information, the surveillance practice that will probably be most familiar to ordinary people is the use of electronic equipment such as video surveillance cameras to observe subjects from a distance. Such equipment typically rely on cost-effective, high-performance point-to-point and point-to-multipoint solutions that allow for the deployment of robust and dependable connections to support the business surveillance activities.

With so many risks the modern business world is facing, these integrated solutions are increasingly being seen as an integral part of the larger security ecosystem. They provide an opportunity for experts to more effectively and efficiently address imminent, current, and future risks, whether they are criminal activities, terrorism, accidents, or natural disasters.

Read on to keep abreast of some of the most popular uses of video surveillance.

Property Entry

A new kind of surveillance technology is being tested that would greatly increase security surrounding entrance onto a property. It may be worth splurging on, instead of dedicating the resources to another sprinkler repair. If you own a business that is members-only or otherwise allows only specific individuals to access the property, this is a huge advantage. The new technology from a company called IDair allows fingerprint scanning and identifying from over 20 feet away. This can have a huge impact on office building security practices. It is also sure to become one of the most popular types of surveillance out there.

Monitor For Property Crime

Video surveillance for business is often used to monitor people who might engage in a property crime. These crimes can include the unlawful taking of any of object of value belonging to another person or a company (theft or larceny), breaking into a property to commit theft or another offense (burglary), intentionally setting fire to a building or another property (arson), and deliberately causing damage to private or public property (vandalism).

Protect Employees And Customers

With the help of video surveillance, security personnel can monitor employees and customers to make sure that they are safe from abuse, harassment, or violent crimes like robbery, terrorism, rape, and shooting incidents. Video surveillance is used to keep an eye on people who enter and exit a facility, to observe individuals already inside the premises, and to keep records of activities that can be used as evidence in court against criminals.

Maximize Employee Productivity And Efficiency

Although some managers are reluctant to introduce a “surveillance culture” into their work environment, surveillance can actually be a practical method for spotting bottlenecks in productivity and determining the areas in which employees can be assisted in order to encourage them to be more productive and improve their employee performance.

Discourage Dishonest Claims

Video surveillance can be used to prevent customers from lodging unreasonable or dishonest claims. For instance, if there is someone who makes a liability claim against a business insurance on account of being injured within the premises of the establishment, the business owners can use recordings from a video surveillance camera to confirm the accuracy or authenticity of the reported incident.

Observe Large Crowds

Large crowds can be monitored via video surveillance cameras to discover signs of suspicious activities, including theft, harassment, and physical violence. This may not be helpful for lawn care companies, but it is definitely beneficial for businesses located in heavily populated areas. Surveillance can also be used to conduct more efficient crowd control, which will help authorities prevent problems like stampedes and riots.

Monitor Traffic And Parking Lots

Video surveillance is employed in traffic management to allow authorities to enforce traffic laws and to conduct decongestion efforts. Surveillance also helps encourage safe driving among motorists because it discourages violations. This is also used in areas surrounding low-income housing, to keep everyone in the community, both motorists and residents alike, safe.

24-Hour Security And Safety

Video surveillance can be used round-the-clock along with other devices like motion detectors, fire alarms, and other surveillance solutions to provide office security, preventing crime and accident. In many cases, such equipment are connected to the police, fire department, and emergency health services to ensure quick response in the event of a crisis.

Wi-Fi Security Cameras

If you don’t have the resources for a full 24-hour surveillance technology solution, then you can use cheaper cameras. Many low cost surveillance technologies are using wifi enabled cameras to ensure security. These cameras are easy to install and connect directly to Wifi. Whether you want to watch employees, managers or clients, these Wifi cameras can be very useful to secure your business from any threats.

Video surveillance is a very useful tool that can help you safeguard your employees and business. Matched with other surveillance solutions and connected by powerful internet connectivity, video surveillance systems can bring you peace of mind, knowing that your people and property have a layer of protection keeping them safe from harm.

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