5 Marketing Mix Modeling Best Practices For Accurate Data Analysis

Marketing mix modeling is used to determine the direct impact of particular marketing campaigns and strategies on a business’s sales. This data is useful. It allows business owners to more accurately predict how much should be spent on future marketing materials. Further, it also provides business owners with a more accurate representation of their ROI from marketing expenditures. If you want to utilize marketing mix modeling, or MMM, at your small business, you would be wise to do so. Learn the marketing mix modeling best practices you will need to know to effectively implement this new marketing data analysis strategy in this post below.

Determine Reach For Media Data

MMM strategies used to express data from media marketing gains should be assessed in terms of reach. Marketing mix modeling experts believe that measuring reach or frequency rather than GRP, or gross rating point, is a more accurate assessment of media campaign performance. Instead, business owners are encouraged to employ MMM in terms of reach and frequency for media campaigns to increase the likelihood that similar media marketing attempts get response in the future. Then, GRP data can be better used to express analysis results regarding purchasers. Keep this in mind when you are analyzing data for media ad spend and similar media marketing strategies. That way, you can optimize your marketing mix modeling process to better inform future  marketing plans.

Set Objectives

What do you want to get out of marketing mix modeling practices? Is there a particular form of business marketing insight you hope to gain from the process? Is there a struggling area of marketing that you would like to improve within your business? Answer these questions with your unique business goals in mind. Then, you can use those marketing objectives to help you implement marketing mix modeling analysis in the best manner to help you achieve those goals. Once you know where you want to go, you can more easily determine the best way to get there. The same is true when it comes to marketing outcomes. Make sure you set goals for your MMM analysis in order to enable your business to more easily achieve them.

Maximize A/B Testing

Maximize A/B testing for your marketing campaigns. You should already be doing this. However, it is even more important when you are using MMM techniques to improve future marketing endeavors. A/B testing helps cut down on the possible influences that could otherwise diminish the quality of your MMM data. This way, your marketing mix modeling data is based entirely on the best marketing effort you put forth, rather than being mixed in with data from practice runs and trial ads of your small business advertising ideas. If you want to have the absolute best insight, you need the most clear and legitimate data. To do that, make sure you utilize A/B testing tactics before you begin to collect data.

 Deal With Missing Data

In marketing mix modeling analysis, you need to deal with missing data prior to modeling. Missing data could lead to inaccurate results that lessen the positive impact of MMM on your overall marketing outcomes. It will also cause more work for you to do, making your data analysis employees much less efficient and productive. To avoid these downfalls, make sure to account for missing data prior to modeling analysis. Locate that data and then input it into the equation before you begin modeling. This is the only way to ensure accurate modeling results for your marketing mix modeling strategies.

Include A Minimum Spend Figure

The best MMM tactics implemented at businesses include a minimum spend threshold. This figure is best used for stable markets, in particular. You should be including this threshold in addition to the data regarding saturation points and spend limits. With all this data, you will be better able to plan promotional costs accurately for future promotional campaigns. Determine a minimum spend threshold to be included in all of your marketing mix models. Your marketing models and analysis will enable you to more accurately predict future promotional expenditures and improve marketing investment allocations.

If you own a business, you can surely improve the performance of that organization using marketing mix models to improve market positioning. Marketing mix modeling activities can help you analyze marketing data to improve future campaigns and predict the best places to allocate portions of your marketing budget. But as with any other business process, there are a few MMM best practices you must know if you wish to make best use of these marketing data analysis techniques. Be sure to employ the marketing mix media strategies detailed above. These best practices will ensure that you get the most from your new marketing analysis process to improve future successes for your business.

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