5 Tactics For Marketing Through Instagram Influencers

Businesses profit by marketing through Instagram influencers. Marketing professionals like yourself use influencer marketing strategies to reach multiple audiences at once. As a result, they increase their customer base and earn a higher ROI. To top it off, marketers who find influencers for advertising purposes establish inexpensive campaigns. These campaigns boost company reputation as well, increasing sales even more. To reap these benefits, you need to implement Instagram influencer marketing strategies. Continue reading to learn the top tactics for marketing through Instagram influencers.

Discovery By Hashtags

The most successful marketing through Instagram influencers campaigns begin with quality candidates. These candidates have experience marketing and branding themselves on social media. Look for candidates that already post content that is similar to yours on their Instagram pages. Such influencers are more likely to produce high qaulity posts for your products. Furthermore, they typically have followers who would be interested in your products or services. To find these influencers, search by hashtags. First, look up your company name in hashtag form. Many consumers use hashtags when they post about their favorite products or services. Then, search for hashtags that are relevant to your business. If you market for a new vegan restaurant, you may not have established a company hashtag yet. Instead, search for hashtags that include the word “vegan” and vegan foods that your restaurant serves. Find influencers through hashtags to succeed in your marketing goals.

Discount Codes

Another tactic for marketing through Instagram influencers is to use discount codes. If you find quality influencers, give them a discount code to offer their followers. When influencers publish eye-catching photos on their pages, their followers take the time to look at them. However, they often do not stop to check out the products. After all, there is not a deal that they should take advantage of immediately. However, when influencers provide discount codes in the captions of those posts, their followers proceed to check out the products or services they are promoting. In this way, marketers who use discount codes in their Instagram influencer campaigns increase their profits significantly.

Sponsored Posts

If you prefer simpler tactics, consider implementing sponsored posts in your marketing through Instagram influencers campaigns. Many companies succeed in influencer marketing by sending their chosen Instagram users free products. With those products, they provide a list of rules that must be followed. Some marketing teams require influencers to use their hashtag within the post and tag them in it as well. Others ask them to use a specific phrase or promote a current sale. Either way, the sponsored posts that influencers publish increase companies’ Instagram followers. In the process, they also drive consumers to purchase products. Thus, include sponsored posts when marketing through Instagram influencers.

Instagram Story Takeovers

Also, include Instagram story takeovers when marketing through Instagram influencers. Consumers use Instagram story takeovers to provide insight into their daily lives. They typically do so in the form of videos that generate conversation with their followers. Businesses who mimic this show consumers that they are people too. By humanizing your business through Instagram story takeovers, you show your followers that you have fans. Instagram story takeovers entail inviting your influencers to take turns using your Instagram account to post stories throughout the day. They should tell their followers on their personal accounts about the takeover to draw more attention to your page. Use Instagram story takeovers in your marketing through Instagram campaigns to humanize your business.

Sell A Lifestyle

In addition to the above tactics for marketing through Instagram, focus on selling a lifestyle over selling a product. As a marketing professional, you have been taught to sell products and services through advertisements and various marketing campaigns. When it comes to marketing through Instagram influencers, that strategy is not successful. Instagram users desire engagement. They want to connect to other consumers as well as brands. To do so, you need to work with influencers to show both your followers and theirs that you meet their lifestyle needs as a business. Only then will they consider purchasing the products you sell. If you work for an athletic wear company, focus on portraying a fitness lifestyle on Instagram. You and your influencers can even apply health marketing strategies to attract the right audience. Then, you will intrigue followers who maintain the same lifestyle. Avoid focusing solely on your products to succeed in your Instagram influencer marketing campaign.

Increase your ROI through marketing through Instagram influencers. To do so, find influencers with a high following by searching relevant hashtags. Provide them with discount codes for their followers to use to boost your sales. Send them free products and rules for creating sponsored posts about their freebies. Create a calendar for Instagram story takeovers in hopes of humanizing your brand. Lastly, focus your campaigns on selling a lifestyle over a product. Use these top tactics for marketing through Instagram influencers to boost your sales.

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