How To Maximize PR Distribution For Marketing Exposure

An essential part of marketing a company is distribution of press releases. These major announcements are common to every company and Industry. This is why it is increasingly difficult to get noticed in the crowded sea of information. Marketing executives are under increasing pressure to make sure their press releases stand out and offer some return of investment. However, this need not be an expensive and pointless struggle. The following simple tips can really improve your PR distribution, and guarantee your next release is a total success.

Distribute Newsworthy Press Releases

Like it or not, you can’t make news when there isn’t any. Journalists report on press releases not because they get them. They report on them because there’s news in them. Only send out press releases when there’s an actual story the press will want to cover. These should be for hitting unique milestones, launching new products, or when something newsworthy happens to the company. You can also create a PR distribution for events in NYC to get the word out. If you get a reputation of publishing press releases all the time, no one will bother to check them. In the world of PR distribution, less really is more.

Cultivate Reporters

To improve PR distribution, you need to get in touch with reporters. The average reporter in a major market gets thousands of press releases a day. As a result, they won’t read most of them. To prevent this, build lines of communication with reporters and other influencers. If a reporter already likes your company, they will notice when your press release crosses their desk. To improve your local marketing efforts, these press releases are meant to facilitate communication between your company and the press. It’s all for naught if that line of communication is planted.

Grow Search Engine Optimization

A press release can also be important to growing your brand online. Make a point of posting your press release to a search engine, with the title set as keywords. This will allow ordinary people searching for your company to find it to. The difference between a press release and a blog post is who it goes to. Distributing press releases with SEO can put needed information right in the consumer’s hands.

Try DIY PR Distribution Services

In the time before the internet, PR distribution services were needed to communicate press releases to the reporters via telegraph. Today, these services are a waste of money. You’ll pay close to $400 just to have you press release put in a database with so many other press releases. It is impossible to stand out in such conditions. You can do better for much less with the resources of your company. The digital revolution has turned these distribution services into DIY services.

Tailor Your Press Releases

While there are plenty of tricks to get a press release noticed, the most important part of the process is how the press release is written. The release should be tailored to a specific audience. A press released that is generic enough to be sent to every reporter in the country is unlikely to attract attention. It will be discarded as spam. Instead, write several press releases that appeal to your brand differentiation. Each should have the same basic information, just change the direction and focus to represent what your company is all about. Use customization to peak their interest.

As a result, special methods must be employed in distribution to guarantee yours will be seen. Much of this is simply avoiding the conventions that make these press releases all seem alike. As in all things in marketing, there’s also a need to make connections, and gain influence. Discretion, ingenuity, and patience must all be used. However, the reward of success here is great. In making a good press release, distribution is everything.

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