Smart Local Marketing Tips To Increase Customer Awareness

Local marketing is centered around promoting a local service or business. This means that the marketing campaign will focus on driving nearby customers to the physical store, restaurant or space. There are many ways that small business owners can utilize local marketing to help bring in new customers. If you are looking for ways to promote your local business, check out our top five local marketing tips below.

Special Promotions

One of the best ways that you can attract new customers is to offer special promotions. Freebies, sales and special discounts can be the best way to draw in a crowd. Brick-and-mortar businesses have a special opportunity to host promotional events for their local communities. These are a great way to get ahead of local direct or indirect competition. If you are a bakery, consider holding a special sale on National Cupcake Day. Once the customers come in, you can start to build relationships to keep them coming back for more.

Positive Reviews

Local and small businesses thrive on online reviews. The best way to market your business is by attracting five-star ratings on sites like Yelp or Facebook. In order to do this, you must first ensure that every customer has a positive experience at your business. Then, you can take it one step further by requesting that they review your service. If you are courteous and persistent, your online reviews will begin to grow.

Local Sponsorships

Sponsorships are another great way for small businesses to market themselves. By sponsoring local charities, sports teams or events, you can make your business a pillar of the community. Consider sponsoring a local little league team or participating in a business-hosted block party. This effort to engage the community will help pay off in a big way. If you find new ways to support them, your local customers will return the favor.

Referral Programs

If you run a small business, referral programs can be the perfect way to build your consumer base. Referral programs offer customers a discount if they bring more business in the door. This is a great way to encourage word-of-mouth and real time marketing. Your customers will share their experience with friends and family in exchange for special incentives. As long as you implement a program that works for your business and make your customers aware of it, you should see major success with this local marketing tactic.

Mobile Friendly Site

Finally, a mobile friendly site is another key tip for local marketers. If you want to improve your business reach, make sure that you have a website that people can access from their phones. Using business intelligence insights, nearly 40% of all Google Maps searches are for small businesses. If you have your website listed, you will be much more likely to have customers find you. Positive online reviews and a mobile friendly website are the key to improving your local reach online.

Local marketing is a great way for small businesses to bring in new customers. With these tips above, you can ensure that customers take notice of your local business. Special promotions can help bring them in while local sponsorships and referral programs help to expand your reach. As a small business owner, it is important that you focus on these local marketing tips to help grow your business.

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