5 Tips For Mixing Business With Pleasure Successfully

Everyone will advise you not to mix business with pleasure. Have you ever asked yourself why? Numerous entrepreneurs accept this norm without questioning themselves why they should do it. In order to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to have freedom. You need to be free to follow your beliefs and to spend your time in the way you want. This is the best strategy to be effective at your work. Every successful entrepreneur managed to get to the level where they are right now by mixing business with pleasure.

More and more people consider that there is a time for play and there is a time for work. Even if some of your hobbies have clear connections with your work, you have refused yourself the opportunity to combine them and to do them both when you are working. If you still are not convinced that you can do both of them, then this article may offer you the motivation you need.

People seem to have no problems to create mental barriers between business and pleasure time. But this does not mean that you will jeopardize building your business relationships if you make friends at work. Make sure that you keep both sides happy.

Use A Journal

In order to see things in perspective you should keep a journal. Write down the tasks you have to accomplish and you will never lose them from view. When you write down the things you have to do, you are not pressured to memorize everything, and you can relax. At work, you will always receive offers to do others’ work, but this does not mean that you should accept everything. The persons who appreciate your work will always make you offers, and they will always have requests. You should spend time to help them only if their values are the same as yours. When you have a task, make sure that you know its deadline, because they will make you progress and successfully finish them.

Have A Priority List

When you have a priority list, you focus on the job you have to do and are urgent. There are not few the cases when people get lost in details, and they forget about the tasks that require their attention. You will focus on the important things if you have a priority list. Every one of your priorities requires specific steps in order to be fulfilled. If you know the steps, you will quickly progress and you will complete the task before the determined deadline. It is important to plan ahead everything, because in this way you will not have to deal with decision fatigue or low productivity. If you check these aspects on your list, you will have time to mix business with pleasure.

Take Time Off To Relax During Business Trips

After you have a business meeting, you should take some time off to enjoy the sightings of the place where you are. It is understandable that you find it difficult to do it when you are not together with your loved ones, but after you do it once, you will discover how to be a solo executive traveler. Local sightings can offer you knowledge about the local culture. Use the free time to buy for your friends and family gifts. The gifts that are specific to a local area will bring big smiles to your loved one’s faces and you will be happy that you have decided to do it.

Make sure that you make the most of your hotel stay. The majority of hotels have in-house spas, so even if you travelled there for business purposes, you can get a relaxing massage or treatment, before or after a business meeting. Both your body and mind will thank you. Also, if you want to clear your mind before the meeting you can work out in the gym of the hotel.

New Jersey and New York based business lenders state that the best way to be successful when an investor, is to find business partners. Take advantage of the time you have when you travel to make friends. They can be your next business partners, or they can invest in your ideas.

Encourage Friendships At Your Office

When at the office you should not see all your colleagues as simple workers, they are potential friends. You should not be afraid to socialize with them, even ask them to join you for a couple drinks on a Friday night. It can all start on the team-building day. The company itself encourages workers to be more than colleagues, because if people connect, they are able to work better and to share their ideas. Studies show that the persons who have friends at the office work 7 times better than the ones who have the tendency to isolate themselves.

Workplace friendship increases the levels of satisfaction and teamwork, and this means that you will be more efficient in your work. Establish with your colleagues a day a week when you go out together. This is a perfect opportunity to have fun and form relationships. It will also inspire you to collaborate in your workplace.

Introduce Your Hobbies At Work

Every person has a hobby. You are definitely passionate about something, and so are your colleagues. If you are the manager of a company, then you should allow your employees to take a couple of minutes daily to work on their hobby. Some of them like computer games, others love to listen to music in the headphones, some people love to care for the plants, and some of them love animals. If they will work on their hobbies for half an hour daily, then they will recharge their batteries and they will work harder to fulfill their tasks.

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