Do Mobile Shaved Ice Franchises Really Make Money?

Mobile shaved ice franchises appear to be a lucrative opportunity for future business owners. However, with seasonal demand and operational costs constantly changing, do these mobile franchises make legitimate earnings? The profitability of shaved ice franchises is ultimately influenced by a number of factors. Your potential earnings often changed based on location, season, or any employees you plan on hiring. To learn if mobile shaved ice franchises really make money, continue reading this post.

Varies By Location

A major factor influencing shaved ice businesses profitability is their location. Shaved ice franchise products are most appealing on warm days. Because of this, you earn the most revenue on especially warm days. If your particular area has relatively short and mild summers, your chances for profitability are greatly reduced. Similarly, areas with long and cold winters will experience almost no revenues during these months. However, locations that are warm year-round are able to sell products no matter the season. This being said, your ability to make money operating a shaved ice franchise is ultimately determined by the location you open in.

Costs Are Subject To Change

The costs on shaved ice franchises are constantly subject to change. Some costs like napkins, cups, spoons, or ice are relatively static and inexpensive. Other costs like labor and electricity are constantly changing depending on how much you work. Although equipment needed for shaved ice franchises is minimal, it can be very expensive to repair if damaged. As with any mobile business, your vehicle is the largest asset. All food truck business plans devote part of their budget to potential vehicle repairs. If your vehicle is inoperative or damaged, you are unable to earn revenue. Repairing food trucks can be very expensive, especially if you have no current stream of income. Shaved ice franchises profitability is ultimately influenced by the costs you encounter.

Limitations On Operational Time

There are limitations on the operational time that shaved ice franchises can operate. As mentioned earlier, shaved ice products are most appealing during warmer months and seasons. However, even during these months you still encounter rain, wind, or other environmental factors which also impact your revenues. Some areas place restrictions on when and where food trucks are able to operate. Others may require you to apply for a permit to do so. These limit the amount of time that you can physically sell products and earn profits. If specific townships only permit you to operate during early hours, you will not be able to earn your desired revenues. Consider how limitations on operational time impact shaved ice food truck franchises.

You Need Adequate Protection

In addition to operational costs and expenses, shaved ice franchise owners need adequate insurance protection. As with any business serving food products, sufficient coverage is vital. As a future business owner you need product liability coverage in case your products harm a customer or make them sick. You also must purchase general liability coverage. This protects you if any visitors are injured or harmed in any way throughout the experience you provide. Moreover, you also need to purchase commercial property insurance to protect any damage or theft to your necessary equipment. To effectively purchase and maintain all these forms of coverage can be extremely expensive. If you encounter an issue, your rates will likely be raised, making the cost of coverage only more expensive. The profitability of shaved ice franchises is ultimately determined by the protection they have to purchase and maintain.

Meet Business Demands

In order to earn profits from a shaved ice franchise, you must meet your continuous business demands. Most commonly, shaved ice food truck franchises do not require you to hire employees. This means you will be managing all operations by yourself. However, this only means you must manage the responsibilities of being a business owner and an employee. After conducting daily operations you must manage the necessary accounting, analyzing, and purchasing tasks associated with business ownership. If you are overwhelmed by managing all these tasks, you may need to outsource help. However, choosing to hire employees or bookkeeping professionals greatly impacts the revenues you are able to keep as profit. Shaved ice food trucks profitability is ultimately effected by your ability to meet business demands.

Shaved ice franchises seem like a lucrative opportunity for many future business owners like yourself. They allow you to operate a home based franchise and conduct entirely mobile operations. Although, with constantly changing costs and levels of demands, do these franchises make any money. Your profitability is determined by where you choose to open and operate your franchise. It is also influenced by constantly changing costs that arise. These franchises also encounter multiple limitations on your operational time. Your profitability is greatly impacted by the purchasing and maintenance of insurance protection. Furthermore, outsourcing professionals to meet your business demands can be detrimental to revenue. If you are wondering do mobile shaved ice franchises really make money, consider the points mentioned in this post.

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