5 Approaches For Modifying Your E-Newsletter Templates During A Pandemic

Particularly in times of crisis, marketers work diligently to craft the perfect e-newsletter templates. After all, the words you choose are an important component of eblast communication. During a pandemic, you have to be extremely cautious with the messages you convey. For instance, appearing too salesy can give the impression that the company is detached from current events. Certainly, marketing professionals want to avoid sending the wrong message to customers. Here are the best approaches for modifying your e-newsletter templates during a pandemic.

Changing The Focus

During COVID-19, many marketing professionals are changing the focus of their eblasts. Normally, e-newsletter templates are one of the best ways to increase sales. However, a crisis situation forces marketers to take a step back. They re-evaluate the message and change its original emphasis. Instead of that sales pitch, some companies will offer help to maintain mental health. Others use the platform to give away free products for those affected by the virus. Changing the focus of your e-newsletter messaging is a good idea throughout a time of crisis.

Communicate New Procedures

Another way to stay in touch with customers during a pandemic is to communicate new procedures. This way, you are providing valuable information about your business without seeming callous. Moreover, it is important to let customers know that your business is open. For example, sit down restaurants need to convey whether they are providing outdoor dining or takeout. Additionally, you can explain the safety precautions that your business has put in place. Marketing professionals can easily amend eblasts to outline new processes. Certainly, a global crisis is a time to communicate new procedures within the body of email newsletters.

Offer Discounts To Frontline Workers

If your business model allows, create an e-newsletter to offer discounts to frontline workers. Of course, this is a great way to promote your products and services. However, it also showcases your company’s gratitude to those in harms way. One way to keep the momentum with your special offer is to highlight a different group each week in your eblasts. This multiple touch campaign with your special offer shows you are thinking of everyone affected. Moreover, you will be in the forefront of your customers’ minds which can help to increase sales. Offering discounts to those working on the frontlines during a pandemic is an easy fix to eblast templates.

Deliver Free Resources

Another way to keep in touch with your customer base is to deliver free resources in your email marketing business campaign. This too, shows that your company is empathetic. After all, you are thinking of your customer’s well-being during a difficult situation. For example, a company in the fitness industry can promote complimentary online group classes. Similarly, a doctor’s office can send eblasts that provide mental health tips. Of course, you will want to keep the resources positive to support overall health and wellness. Delivering free resources in your electronic correspondence is a perfect solution during major world events.

Adjust The Schedule

When the world is in a crisis situation, marketing professionals should adjust the schedule for eblasts. Of course, automation makes it simpler to reach customers. However, some campaigns may not be appropriate during a pandemic. For example, you may have planned an email announcing your next user conference. Indeed, COVID-19 prohibited large in-person gatherings for many months. Therefore, this message is irrelevant and should be used at a future date. Plus, the campaigns and triggers may require less frequency. After all, you do not want to inundate a customer’s inbox with non-critical messages. Undoubtedly, a pandemic is a time for marketers to adjust the e-newsletter schedule.

A global crisis creates challenges for marketing professionals who create messaging for eblasts. One way to modify your templates is to change the focus. Instead of providing a sales pitch, you may want to communicate new procedures. Additionally, marketers can use email to offer discounts to frontline workers. Likewise, you can use the campaign to deliver free resources. Lastly, you will want to adjust the schedule for eblasts. Consider the points outlined above as approaches for modifying your e-newsletter templates during a pandemic.

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