How To Take On More Assignments At Work With Confidence

Many employees take on more assignments at work in an effort to reach their career goals. Others take on more responsibilities because they want a salary increase. As an employee with the dream of becoming a manager, you likely want to take steps in the right direction as well. However, most aspiring managers struggle to determine how to take on more responsibilities in the workplace. If you want to progress in your career goals and increase your income, read this post to learn how to take on more assignments at work.

Talk To Your Manager

Firstly, talk to your manager about taking on more assignments. If you can convince them that you are ready for more work, you can increase your opportunities for growth. Before speaking with your manager, make a point to increase your productivity levels at work. Prove to them that you are ready for more responsibilities before the conversation even comes up. When you do confront them about taking advantage of opportunities, avoid being confrontational. Instead, point out all of the achievements you have made recently and ask them to keep you in mind for extra assignments in the future. You can even inquire about how they became a manager themselves. They might even instruct you to consider manager training as you progress. This is the first step to taking on more responsibilities at work.

Start With Fun Assignments

After you talk to your manager, start with fun assignments. After all, you can start to partake in such activities at any time. Hence, they are perfect for when you are waiting for more opportunities to present themselves. Fun activities worth getting involved in include starting up a work softball team or getting employees involved in charity events. If you take on a managerial role with these activities, you can start to prove yourself. Then, upper management will want to buy an assignment from you with increasing responsibility. You can show off your leadership skills and take on more assignments at the same time. Then, you will prepare yourself for taking on even more responsibilities in the future.

Justify Your Importance

Moreover, justify your importance to your manager. Often times, aspiring managers compete against their co-workers to take on more work in the office. If this is the case, you need to develop a promising method to justify your importance to your manager. Think of this process as you would a job interview. Create a list of your past accomplishments and your strengths. Include that you work hard and avoid falling into procrastination when at work. You can even ask fellow co-workers to speak up on your behalf. If you can justify your importance and convince your manager that you deserve new roles over other workers, you can take on more assignments successfully.

Lend A Hand To Busy Co-Workers

Next, lend a hand to busy co-workers to start taking on more assignments. This, too, will show your manager that you have the ability to take on more. Search for co-workers who have too many responsibilities to handle. If there are not any stressed out employees in your current department, do not hesitate to expand your horizons. Pay a visit to other departments that you are familiar with. Look for busy co-workers there who could use a hand from you. If you can assist co-workers who give you the credit you deserve, you will impress your manager and succeed in taking on more responsibilities at work.

Keep Your Career Goals In Mind

In addition to the above ways to take on more assignments at work, keep your career goals in mind. When employees fail to keep their career goals in mind, they often take on responsibilities that do not push them in the right direction. If your main career goal is to become a payroll manager, you will not achieve it quickly if you start taking on roles in the sales department. Avoid getting overly excited about new opportunities. If you keep your career goals in mind, you are more likely to turn down disadvantageous assignments and take on beneficial ones. Keep this in mind when taking on more assignments in the workplace.

If you want to increase your salary and move up in your career, you need to take on more responsibilities in the right way. To begin doing so, meet with your manager to let them know that you want to get involved with more projects. Then, start with fun assignments until your manager gets back to you with more serious ones. When employees lend a hand to their stressed out co-workers, they show their managers that they are capable of taking on more responsibilities. You also need to justify your importance to the opportunities available in order to convince your manager to choose you over your co-workers. Keep your career goals in mind when taking on more responsibilities as well. Follow these steps to take on more assignments at work and progress your career.

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