5 Top Multi Vendor Marketplace Platforms To Choose From

The ecommerce industry is thriving. Those entrepreneurs that are smart enough to do so are already gearing up to break into the industry. If you are one of those entrepreneurs, you surely know that you can make a lot of money managing a multi-vendor marketplace for online shoppers to frequent. But in order to do that, you need to have a multi vendor marketplace platform on which to host your multiple vendor shop or online mall. If you want to break into the ecommerce sector by owning and operating a multi vendor marketplace to make money online, learn the best multi vendor marketplace platforms on which to do it, below.

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is a standalone ecommerce platform that makes it possible for you to host your own multiple vendor marketplace. With the CS-Cart Multi-Vendor software, you can make it possible for independent, third-party vendors to sell their products through your ecommerce storefront. Thousands of online malls utilize the Multi-Vendor edition from CS-Cart to host their online marketplaces. It is one of the most feature-rich marketplace platforms available. You actually can try out the platform by creating a free personal demo of your potential ecommerce mall plans. The CS-Cart ecommerce platform provides an advanced vendor payout system with flexible product approval system options. In addition, they offer you and your vendors multiple levels of administrative access to list and manage products. Consider this option if you are looking for the most customizable multi vendor ecommerce platform.


OpenCar is another shopping cart solution online. They also offer a multi vendor extension and drop shipper extension. The platform is entirely open-source. That means it easy to find support and advice when you need it for troubleshooting. In addition, the platform allows you to offer secure dashboards for all your different vendors. You will be able to manage all products from all sellers in one place using the OpenCart multi vendor marketplace platform extension. At just the price of just $159.90, this may be one of the top multi vendor marketplace platform options for you to consider devoting some of your essential startup expenses budget to.

WordPress Marketify

The WordPress Marketify theme integrates with Easy Digital Downloads to make it possible for entrepreneurs to host multiple vendor marketplaces on the ecommerce platform. This particular ecommerce marketplace platform extension only supports the sale of digital products, however. But if you sell digital products, the WordPress Marketify platform is an affordable option to consider. It is also incredibly user-friendly thanks to the WordPress technology that has been continually upgraded, updated and optimized for years. This platform allows vendors to register with just a single, easy form. They can also submit product listings from the front end, but do not have their own dashboard to manage from. Consider this option if you hope to sell digital products in an online marketplace.


Yo!Kart is a popular platform to launch your online multi vendor marketplace. The Yo!Kart multi vendor system touts a hassle free setup and management process. In addition, their services are also completely customizable, similar to CS-Cart. Yo!Kart has no recurring fees and includes 12 months of free tech support when you start out. However, their support may not have the same level of service. Still, there are many reasons to consider hosting your ecommerce marketplace business using their multi vendor platform tools.


Arcadier is a multi vendor marketplace platform for entrepreneurs with limited technical knowledge. The ecommerce platform allows you to build and manage multi vendor marketplaces with little to no coding and other technical processes. The service even offers a freemium model, allowing you to try it out before you commit. If you do decide the Arcadier ecommerce platform is right for you, they offer five different levels of services. That means the technology can scale with your business. If you want an easy to use ecommerce platform to build your multi vendor ecommerce marketplace with, consider Arcadier.

There are many top ecommerce platforms out there. However, not all of them offer multiple vendor support. In order to build an ecommerce marketplace for multiple vendors, you need to choose a multi vendor marketplace platform. These top multi vendor marketplace platforms offer you a ton of different tools and advantages to make a ton of online sales. Consider your future business needs to decide on the right platform. Then, you can use the best ecommerce platform for multi vendor marketplaces to help you establish your new ecommerce business and start making money right away.

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