Neat Office Organization Tips To Lower Stress From Your Daily Workload


Work can be challenging, with lots of different elements coming together. There are lots of things to be dealt with and even more organization needed to keep on top of everything. Different people have different systems to cope with the daily workload. Some will have a system that works for them alone. It would appear to be utter chaos to anyone else but somehow they make it work, usually by having to put in more work and gaining more stress. It is true that a chaotic office will lead to chaotic practices. The best systems come from a place of calm, and this means more organization in the office.

Benefits of Neat Offices

There are many benefits of a neat, well organized office. Firstly it is seen to promote a clear mind, and secondly it improves productivity in the workplace. Without the clutter of post it notes, paperwork, and stationary littering desks, it is easier for the mind to focus on the tasks at hand. It affords the mind a single focus rather than being distracted by clutter. Organization will lend itself to a clearer path for thought. Instead of wondering where a certain item may be, your organized desk holds the answer, as everything will be in its right place. This frees the mind to concentrate on work matters. Even from this simplified example it becomes obvious how a clean office contributes to a clear mind and improving productivity in the workplace.

Improved Productivity

As briefly mentioned above, neat offices can improve overall workplace productivity and efficiency. This is because having a disorganized office is extremely time-consuming. You would be shocked to learn how much time you waste in a month or a year just looking for items you may have misplaced. If you want to save time searching for things to dedicate more time to your work, having a neat, organized office is imperative. Remember, just as you would keep a business car neat, so too should you keep your office organized as well.

Clearing Up Your Office

How can we achieve this ideal of a neat office in the workplace? It all begins from the outset, in making it clear to all employees that a tidy desk is the professional approach required at your place of work, and ensuring that this clear objective is acted upon. To ensure and aid this mission statement the right products must be made available to all employees.

Organize Your Stationary

There are office essentials that are necessary to the upkeep of an uncluttered office. You require; a desk tidy for pens, pencils, sharpeners, hole punchers, etc. Keep all your stationary in one place to save time looking for what is needed. In fact, if you do not write most things by hand and instead put more effort into your email subject line, make sure to not have too many writing supplies around. It just adds to the clutter.

Create A System For Paperwork

What to do with all the paperwork? To ensure a system for filing paperwork can raise productivity it is essential to have ring binders. These can be used in a multitude of ways. Day to day paperwork such as important phone numbers, mission statements, telephone call scripts and important work practices – these need filing somewhere accessible. You may also need separate binders for particular clients/customers or particular cases that you are working on. Whatever works for your company to ease the amount of thought required to locate what is needed. Once you have decided on the right system to keep everything orderly it is essential that all employees know so that they are reading from the same hymn sheet in keeping your working practices organized and tidy.

That’s what this is all about – freeing up thought and clearing space in the mind for a more streamlined thought process to work. This leads to better executive decisions and higher quality work. Being able to locate what is needed quicker, without worry or stress helps reduce strain on the mind while improving productivity. All from just organizing your office.

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