How To Negotiate With Your Cable Provider For Lower Prices

Business owners often want to upgrade their cable packages. However, negotiating good prices for these upgrades is not an easy feat. Not everybody knows that many cable service providers offer benefits that they do not advertise. People who are bold enough to ask, get to an agreement with the service providers. They pay a negotiated price for these hidden perks. The key is to talk things out or negotiate and get more benefits from your cable packages offered by cable companies. Here is how you can do that and cut yourself some slack to enjoy more stuff offered by cable packages.

Choose A Lower Tier Cable Package

This is one of the simplest tips that one can follow. To get this done, take some time and evaluate your usage. The usage and needs of users vary a lot. There might be a possibility that you require a specific type of channel lineup. Many users can do without premium channels and are more inclined towards using more internet speeds. They might use this to stream their shows on their handheld devices. In short, packages that have a long list of channels can add a few dollars to your bill. If you think that you are paying for features or channels that you do not want, it is a good idea that you straight away drop them out. This is going to prevent you from wasting a lot of money.

Talk to A Customer Service Representative

Cable companies have dedicated resources. These resources are trained to keep customers from switching services so that they do not take up services from competitors. Customer representatives have a list of offers that they share with the customers. These customers might include people who are on the brink of switching or cutting the cord. Companies also pay these individuals if they successfully convince a customer to keep their services. You can get in touch with your rep using the Call Now option or by dialing a toll-free number mentioned on the service provider’s website. A customer service representative is going to connect with you and help you get details on your package for further negotiations.

Take Notes During Calls For Later Use

When you get done with your call, it is always a good idea that you take down some notes. Note the things you talked about with the customer services representative. Include the name of the representative you talked to, the discounts they offered you on the call, and the deal you agreed upon. Keep these notes somewhere safe so that they become handy for later use. You can use them to determine which enterprise TV provider is best for your company.

Check out your bills over the next few months and make sure that you are getting whatever you agreed upon with your customer services rep. See to it that you are not getting overcharged. It happens to everyone in the world. They find out that after some time the costs they negotiated remained the same. This forces them to call their provider company back and repeat the whole negotiation process again. In many cases, the bills do go down, but the company starts providing downgraded services, which is not acceptable at all. It is time to use the notes you saved during your first call. This will help you to stay on your stance, and you will have all the tiny bits of negotiation right on your fingertips. Another good practice is to compare your bills and the privileges you get in order to make sure that the company is keeping their end of the bargain.

Set A Reminder To Contact Your Provider

Companies follow the deal they have made with you for around 6-12 months. When the bill increases after the said period, you will have to give your cable provider a call and repeat the whole process again. It is a good idea to set a reminder on your business calendar so that you do not forget to call promptly. Get your notes that you took on the first call ready so that you can land yourself a great deal with your cable provider.

Check Out Deals By Other Providers

Look out for offers and promotional prices offered by competitors. If you find some attractive offers,  approach your provider and discuss the possibility of receiving that particular deal from them. You can straight away tell your provider to match their competitor’s prices and deals. Many business owners find out that their previous provider was charging less money than their current providers. Therefore, you can look into your cable payment history for more insight.

Use Bundled Offers

It is a good idea to go for a bundle deal or offer and spend less amount of money to get more services. You can notice this yourself. There is a chance that you are using standalone services at home. Standalone services are not doing any good to you as you are paying a separate bill for your Cable TV, Home Phone and Internet service. Bundled services will charge less money and you will get something extra included in the package. For instance, you can get an add-on, an app, or a security feature for your Internet service and Cable TV. So, conduct thorough research and look for Double Play or Triple Play offers when looking for a provider company.

Understand What You Are Signing Up For

Cable companies are most likely to offer a useful deal if you sign a contract with them. Companies are willing to provide special perks for people who would like to take up contracts. Therefore, be very careful when you are looking for services for your home or business. You need to choose the best TV providers that enable you to maintain a good financial status. Keep in mind that many service providers will not let you cancel the service without paying a certain amount of money as a penalty.

These processes might feel a bit mind-boggling if you are not used to negotiating for prices. Nevertheless, if you are going to keep it in practice, I can bet that you will become a pro at negotiating with your Cable, Internet or Phone bills. Lastly, you will not find yourself spending extra money or time on substandard services.

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