New Digital Marketing Ideas To Reach Consumers In Unique Ways

Marketing professionals face some of the toughest competition when it comes to standing out in their field. You need to constantly be coming up with new ideas and techniques to come up with the most creative ad campaigns in all different formats. Digital marketing is a relatively new field that presents the perfect opportunity for you to capitalize on to propel you to notoriety at your company, whether you work for a Travelhost franchise or the corporate office. If you want to stand out as the best marketer at your company, keep reading below. These new digital marketing ideas are sure to help you do just that.

Live Stream

Live stream marketing has exploded over the past year. However, many small-to-mid-sized businesses have not caught on to the trend. This presents the perfect opportunity for you to seize the opportunity to look like a marketing genius. Live streaming is a unique, personal and immediate way to interact with consumers. The immediacy and intimacy of live streaming cannot be matched. You can use live streaming as a marketing tool to answer customer questions, give customers an inside look at never-before-seen business operations or announce new business developments. Whatever you decide to use it for, presenting live streaming as a marketing tool is sure to get your recognition from your supervisor.

New Social Channels

Make use of the new social media channels to reach young audiences with your online marketing attempts. Instagram and Facebook are not the only methods to communicate with younger demographics. If you work at a Fortune 500 company, you probably already use many alternative social media platforms. However, if you do not, this is an excellent way to seem really in touch with your target demographic. Create accounts on all the new social media apps, like Snapchat, and others. But, also be sure to keep your ear to the ground about even newer apps to get on board with. If your company has a young target audience, this will help you to reach them more effectively while impressing your boss at the same time.

Immersive Marketing

Immersive marketing is starting to become more widespread. Now is the time to jump on the bandwagon. Immersive marketing strategies make use of 360° video to engage audiences in a new way. 360 degree video is a great way to put consumers in exotic, exciting locales without them ever having to leave their home. This is an excellent way to market new stores, locations or even products. That is why Australian Geographic was one of the first to try out new immersive marketing ideas. If you want to stand out in your field, be one of the first marketing professionals to provide consumers a new, immersive way to interact with your company by thinking up some of the best 360 degree video marketing ideas possible.


Gift guides or product guides are another excellent content marketing strategy. Using guides to sell products is not exactly a new digital marketing idea. However, it is definitely effective. Far too many small-and-medium-sized businesses fail to take advantage of one of the simplest advertising strategies available for digital content. Provide consumers with a meaningful representation of your product or service that allows them to see how to include it in their own lives. This will make them much more likely to buy. It will also make your marketing manager give you a great review when the time comes, if used effectively.

Gamify Ads

Gamify marketing is one of the best new digital marketing ideas that makes ad content interactive and enjoyable for consumers. Instead of having your target audience annoyed each time they seen one of your ads, they will be ecstatic. Gamifying marketing and advertisements helps consumers get invested in your product through leveling up, creative storytelling or puzzle-solving. Your target audience will just think they are playing a fun game that they enjoy. However, you and your marketing supervisor will know the truth that you helped to get more people connected to your brand and, hopefully, buying your products.

If you are fairly new to your marketing career, you probably want to stand out and build a reputation for yourself as one of the best marketing professionals in the business. One way to do this is to come up with the best marketing ideas and strategies for business. It can be difficult to break out through the crowds of stiff competition. Use these new digital marketing ideas to help your manager recognize your talents in and dedication to the industry. With these great content marketing strategies, you are sure to make a lasting impact at your company and improve your career standing in no time at all. You may even be able to start learning how to start your own consulting business in the near future, and that is a prospect no marketing expert could turn down.

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