Yes, Newspaper Advertisement Placements Still Work And Here’s Why

Does newspaper advertising still work? Considering the digital age we live and work in, printed paper news might seem a little old school. Contrary to this notion, newspaper advertisement placements are highly effective. Marketing professionals should be using newspapers and print media to increase their advertising ROI. In this post, we’ll cover why newspaper advertisement placements are working alongside other campaigns.

Newspapers Impact Digital Ad Campaigns

When brands buy newspaper advertisement slots while running other campaigns, studies have show a major boost in effectiveness. In fact, they found that newspapers ads can double the return on investment of other media such as online display ads and enterprise TV commercials. Furthermore, it complements other print advertising campaigns too. In order to maximize the effectiveness of advertising across several channels, newspapers round out your marketing mix.

Newspapers Have Massive Audiences

Even though everyone talks about the decline of distribution, newspapers still have tens of millions of subscribers. This audience is loyal and dedicated. Still, studies show that more than 80% of adults read newspapers for news and tips. That’s not a statistic you can ignore. Since most adults are the major spenders in the US, you newspaper advertisements give you the opportunity to reach a widespread audience. Clearly, these audiences work to improve your campaign spending.

Newspaper Advertisement Cost For All

Next, newspaper ads have varying cost. Depending on the newspaper’s size and location, you can find paper placements that work for your business. Certainly, every marketing professional has a different budget that they can invoice finance. You can simply choose a newspaper for advertising that has pricing your business can afford. Since they charge by the inch of space, a national newspaper advertisement costs over $100,000 per full page. On the other hand, you can find local newspaper ads that cost less than $500 for a 1/8th page placement. Regardless of your budget, newspaper ads are effective at a budget you can afford.

Newspapers Promote Great Sales

A highly effective reason that newspaper ads work so well, they promote great sales. In fact, many Sunday shoppers rely on newspaper advertisement inserts to get coupons, deals and promotions. If your company is running a great sale, try running a newspaper insert ad. You might be surprised how many people take advantage of your deals. Remember, this works mostly for sales, not necessarily single products. If you want to spread awareness about a deal or sale going on, newspapers are a great place to attract bargain hunters and price-savvy consumers.

Newspapers Go Beyond Advertisement ROI

When buying a newspaper advertisement, you are building a reputation in the community, state or country. Most local, state and even some national newspapers focus on the relationships with their readers. Furthermore, the brand recognition of your company will rise. Since their subscribers typically trust their news publication of choice, your restaurant marketing campaign will gain some of that trust. This is great for a local reader looking for a business near by. Undoubtedly, the increased trust of consumers will lead to more sales and business for your brand.

To be a successful marketing professional, a newspaper advertisement is highly effective. They work to boost other media advertisement campaigns, reach huge audiences and promote sales events. Most importantly, they help build trust with the community and offer pricing for all different ad budgets. While digital is growing, newspaper advertisements have found their own place for effectiveness long term.

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