Obtain PMP Certification In Michigan For Increased Salary, Opportunities


Project management is one of the most secure professions in the United States. Opportunities for jobs are growing across the nation and starting salaries are consistently high. While it is possible to become a project management professional (PMP) with just a bachelor’s degree, it is highly preferable to get certified. Certification opens you up to further opportunities and higher salaries. If you are a project manager in the state of Michigan and you may be interested in getting this project manager certification. Refer to this guide on getting PMP certification in Michigan.

See If You Are Eligible

In order to take the PMP certification exam, you need to qualify for a few prerequisites. To begin with, you need to hold a bachelor’s degree in a related field. In addition, you need at least 4500 hours of project management experience within a span of 3 years. Check to see how much you have worked at your current position as a project manager. Finally, you need to participate in a 35-hour project management training program. The PMTC in Detroit, Michigan offers a great training program at a relatively fair price. Make sure you meet all of these requirements before moving on to the next step in obtaining your Michigan PMP certification.

Take A PMP Prep Course

There are many PMP certification prep courses you can take if you want to be sure you are going to pass on your first try. One such PMP certification course is offered my PMT Institute in Detroit. They offer a 4-day PMP Certification Training Boot Camp at many different times throughout the year. The course promises to adequately prepare students for the PMP exam. The class costs just under $2,000, which is quite a bit of money. However, you may be able to get your company to reimburse you, so that may be an avenue worth exploring. Other courses offer remote work to help your prepare, if that is more your speed. Either way, if you want to get certified in PMP in Michigan, consider taking a prep course like the one offered through PMT Institute.

Register And Pay Fees

Once you are eligible, you can register for the certification exam online. Before you proceed, you might want to consider becoming a PMI member. Applying for membership is simple and it offers many benefits. One of which is cheaper exam fees. However, this is not required, so make a decision that is preferable to you. Then make your way to the PMI website. The entire exam registration process is online. You will not have to worry about any mailing inconveniences. Note that there is a rather hefty registration fee. The current cost is $405 for PMI members and $555 for non-members. After paying the fees, your application is complete. The next step in the PMP certification process is to wait for a response.

Set A Date And Prepare

If you get a response saying that you are eligible for the PMP certification exam, you will be provided with information on the next available examination dates. Choose one that will give you ample time to prepare. Then, create a plan for preparation. You may choose to study on your own. However, it is recommended that you attend a PMP certification course. There are programs available at the Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget, the PMTC and Walsh College. These programs provide thorough training for the PMP exam. Regardless of your method, make sure you are well prepared before reaching the final step of obtaining your PMP certification in Michigan.

Take The Exam

Taking the exam to prove your business intelligence is the final step in becoming a certified project management professional. The Michigan PMP certification test is a 4-hour exam. It includes 200 questions but 25 out of the 200 are pretest. You are only required to get 106 out of 175 questions right in order to obtain a passing grade. However, they do not specify which questions are pretest. You will need to focus on getting all of the questions right. Also note that there are no breaks during the exam. It will be a long process. Prepare yourself physically and mentally before entering the examination space. If you manage to pass, you will have successfully earned your Michigan PMP certification.

Certified project management professionals command higher salaries and reap the benefits of better opportunities due to their certification status. This is highly preferable to staying a non-certified project manager. All it takes for you to get certified is an exam. The exam process may be difficult and the fees are expensive. However, the end result will undoubtedly outweigh the costs. If you are interested in obtaining your PMP certification in Michigan, follow this guide. You will be certified in no time.

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