How A Project Manager Certification Boosts Your Salary Opportunities


While the exam process might be long and arduous, there are many benefits to becoming certified as a professional project manager. Firstly, you learn universal management skills that can be used in a variety of professional settings. Secondly, your career paths will open up towards new opportunities. And finally, your potential salary will boost tremendously. If you are already in the field of business technology project management, you would benefit greatly from becoming certified. Here are some of the benefits of earning a professional project manager certification.

Types Of Project Management Certification

It is important to understand that there are many types of project management certifications. Some are, of course, better than others if you look at best practices for hiring IT professionals. PMI, or Project Management Institute, is one of the leading IT certification bodies. PMI certifications include those for Project Management Professionals, or PMP, Program Management Professionals, PgMP, Portfolio Management Professionals, PfMP and more. It is important to know the types certifications available to project managers in order to select the certification that is right for your career. Remember to consider a PMI certification to experience the benefits listed below.

Higher Salary

Non-certified project managers make an average salary of about $70,000. This is a respectable number at successful career fairs. However, gaining certification makes a substantial difference. Certified project managers have an average starting salary of about $90,000. After a few years of experience, the median salary goes up to the around $120,000. Your certification would immediately allow you to command a salary that could potentially double what you make now. More money is always a big reason for seeking out further qualifications. Consider the importance of this when pondering the benefits of earning a professional project manager certification.

Opens Up Opportunities

Certification gives you an enormous advantage in terms of finding new opportunities. Certified project managers are considerably more likely to be hired over non-certified project managers. A graduate certificate in Project Management places you ahead of every candidate that lacks such a qualification. It opens you up for opportunities across the globe. You are also more likely to have a stronger performance history. Studies have shown that companies with certified professional project managers were 35% more likely to have better project performance. Ultimately, professional project manager certification will serve as an invaluable resume boost.

Improve Project Management Skills

Qualification alone is not the only reason to earn a certification. The training you receive during the process provides you with exclusive information on project management strategies. You learn the ins and outs of planning, executing, monitoring, controlling and closing. Then, you can use this knowledge to initiate future projects with more efficiency. Your company’s productivity will increase overall. This will quantitatively prove your competence as a project manager. Your qualifications do not have to be limited to what is on a sheet of office paper. The knowledge you gain from getting certified can prove to be equally beneficial.

Increases Your Network

The process of earning a certification will undoubtedly lead you to others who are trying for the same goal. By interacting with fellow candidates, you will be increasing the size of your professional network. This will provide you with further opportunities down the line. It could even help you advance in the company you choose to work for. Certification would also boost your status as a professional by providing you with a form of validation. Others will look to you as an expert in your field. They will give you the respect needed to make networking tips easier. If professional networking is important to you, rest assured knowing that a professional project manager certification will help you in this regard.

Is A PMI Certification Worth It?

The main benefit of a project management certification is worthiness. The certification costs can be upwards of $500 for non-members. While this is not a small sum upfront with recurring costs for PDUs, the certification is worth gold. By placing this PMP certification on your resume, potential employers know that you can manage a project successfully. That standard is recognized across business industries everywhere including IT, finance and management. Undoubtedly, your qualifications say that you are ready to take on real world projects.

Professional project managers command high salaries. They provide the skills necessary to initiate important projects. You may be content with where your career is taking you. However, there are clear limits to continuing on without a certification. Certified project managers earn more money, have better opportunities and boast more insight on project management. If you have the desire to advance in your career as a project manager, you should take heed of the benefits listed in this post. Give up your office lunch hour to start studying, and greatly consider earning your professional project manager certification. You will not regret it.

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