5 Essential Steps To Configure An Offshore Development Center

Ever think about sending some of your software development activities abroad? If you have thought about it, you probably faced a range of questions. Some of the most popular issues include what areas should you focus on and how to choose a partner for such an activity? Yet the most important question would be about how you achieve success and set up all processes for your benefit. Depending on your business model and needs, you could engage an offshore software development company or open an office and hire engineers in one of the offshore destinations.


To establish your offshore development center, or ODC, you need to consider outsourcing responsibilities. When engaging a contractor, you give them the requirements and let them do everything: from analysis and design, right up to writing code. Under such circumstances, the contractor takes care of the working group structure and all associated issues, and you get the result. Such an approach allows you to minimize your involvement in team management, but building your product with a third-party might be a trap. So be very attentive if you decide to structure your offshore activities by involving a vendor.

Prepare Creative Job Descriptions

With the basic configuration of your offshore development center planned, you need to begin preparing creative job descriptions. If you are searching for candidates online, your descriptions can directly be linked with job boards. Your offshore team is a major component of your ODC operations. They are the central point of contact between your domestic and offshore operations. Be sure to create job descriptions that are fully transparent to expected responsibilities. Pay attention to every aspect of prospective candidates. Be sure to mention expected soft skills, educations, experience, and qualifications. Before you can open your ODC, you need to prepare creative job description for your prospective team members.

Dedicated Team

Another way to structure activities envisions stronger responsibility, as team management is completely on your side. The contractor hires developers to work on your project. Then you get direct access to software engineers and organize the processes to get the best results. This includes developing detailed requirements, creating working procedures, tracking results, and organizing communication for efficient cooperation. With this system, you get control over the development process, but it also means that the results depend on how much time and effort you’re ready to invest.

Develop Team Management Structure

Once you begin employing workers for your ODC, you need to develop a team management structure. Even when working towards a single business goal, offshore development center are composed of several different teams. Each team is responsible for several, objective business aspects. Before you open your center, you need to define your teams. Set obligations for each specific team, and designate how they will collaborate together. With this in place, you can effectively coordinate and streamline your in-house operations for your offshore development center.

Own Development Center

There also exists a more advanced business model with which you set up your own Offshore Development Center (like a subsidiary). By this, we mean that the developers will adhere to your corporate brand and internal procedures, as well as be dedicated to your product instead of considering you just one of many projects. This model appears to be more beneficial than outsourcing or outstaffing as it doesn’t involve a third party (or involves one that doesn’t compete for software engineering talents). This exact model is provided by companies that helps startups and already established businesses to launch their own ODCs. Their services comprise recruiting of tech specialists, preparation of office space, legal advice and support, as well as payroll & accounting services.

Further an software outsourcing company is ready to complete all operational tasks and let you focus on the focal element of your business – the advancement of your product. Many companies enjoy this forward-looking model which offers solid support and becomes a part of the growth strategy. Besides, it does not only provide access to a large pool of software engineering talents. Hiring skilled full-time employees may also increase your company’s valuation and make it more attractive to investors. If you’re thinking about creating conditions for your own team of software engineers in an offshoring location, consider a service provider who has a proven record. They should have extended experience in this sphere and can help you settle all local issues.

There are several steps to configure an offshore development center. Offshore business development centers are essential to improve software design. First, you need to consider the services you will be outsourcing. Prepare creative job descriptions and begin hiring a dedicated team. Begin following the objectives set out by your ODC center. Finally, develop the structure for your team management. Consider the points mentioned above to learn about the essential steps to configure an offshore development center.

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