5 Must-Have Online HR Services Features For Productive Work Days

Small business owners spend far too much time on general administrative responsibilities, when they could be making better use of their time generating real returns for business growth. Online HR services can help combat this common issue. HR management software helps streamline administrative tasks to help business owners stretch resources farther. Small business owners should know what to look for to find the best cloud-based human resources information system for their business. Below, learn all about the must have features of HR software systems that will help you make better use of your work day.

Digital Forms

The best online HR solutions include tools for creating, sharing and signing digital documents. Whether you work for an employment agency or a small technology business, you can benefit from this online HR services feature. New human resources technology makes it possible to create forms and contracts online. You can even use the software to send forms and contracts to employees for them to sign electronically. These digital form capabilities free up a ton of time previously spent printing, sending and signing contracts and other business documents. It streamlines the onboarding process and gives business owners some time back. Look for online HR technologies that include electronic form tools to get the most out of your administrative solutions.

Software Integrations

Business owners should look for online HR software that features integrations for existing business technologies. When HR software integrates with payroll solutions used by your business, it negates the need for additional time wasted reconciling the two systems. Business owners can input information one time, confident that the information will be accurately reported in another HR system. Look for top online HR systems that integrate with existing payroll software or scheduling tools used by your business. Doing so will help you ensure that you do not waste a second of your work day doing the same thing over and over again for different systems.

Compliance Assistance

HR software should also include features that assist with compliance. The best online systems for HR include compliance tools that help ensure your business is always compliant with state and federal guidelines. It is taxing and time-consuming to stay up-to-date on the latest compliance standards, especially for small business owners who lack expertise in the field. Thankfully, the best HR technologies update consistently to maintain compliance with ever-changing state and federal regulations. Be sure to find online HR systems with compliance tools that manage those tasks for you. Since HR compliance issues can cause a lot of stress for entire companies, this is yet another great feature to have in a solution. It will save you a lot of time, so that you can make a more meaningful impact on your business outcomes.

PTO Management

Business owners can greatly benefit by choosing online HR systems with PTO management tools. Top HR tools will make it possible to manage time off requests on one easy-to-use platform. Ultimately, these tools make it easier to manage employee scheduling tasks. That way, you spend less time in your work day scheduling other employees’ days for them. Using HR PTO management tools employees can request PTO independently. Then, you can easily accept or reject requests for PTO when you are creating their schedule in the same platform. Small business owners can save a ton of time by looking for the best online HR services that include tools that help manage PTO for simpler employee scheduling processes. Keep this in mind for your own benefit.

Training Tools

If you really want comprehensive HR management tools, be sure to look for cloud HR systems with employee training features. After all, employee training plans alleviate onboarding stress, especially when technology does all of the work. Cloud HR solutions with support for employee training modules and videos can help you streamline the onboarding process. That frees up more of your precious time as a business owner. These tools allow new hires to navigate through various modules on their own to complete a comprehensive employee training program. In the end, that makes for better trained workers with less of a time investment on your part. This will help streamline your small business administrative processes. It will also produce employees that are more capable to manage things on their own. That is why business owners should seek our HR technologies online that deliver these training features on a single, user-friendly platform.

Every small business owner wastes far too much time on administrative tasks. That is why online HR services are one of the best business investments owners can make. Just be sure to look for online HR solutions that include the five must have features detailed above. Top online HR tools with features for digital documents, business technology integrations, compliance assistance, employee scheduling management and training tools can free up a ton of time during your work day. They will help you optimize HR processes for small business and spend more time driving results for real business growth and expansion. Be sure to take your time in this consideration, and you will be pleased with the return on your investment.

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